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I Want to be Your Manger

mangerI love Christmas. I love the whole holiday time. I love the reminder of “the reason for the season” and my Savior and treasure my annual study of Luke, Chapter 1. Thanksgiving dinner always gears me up for the season ahead. I host the huge family dinner and love doing all of the traditional dishes. But, come Friday morning, the family knows to leave me alone. That’s when I begin to transform my home to prepare for the sights and smells of Christmas, giving, family, parties, presents, laughter, and joy ahead.

Since having to go back to work, I’ve had to lower my expectations–especially of myself and my energy. At 4 days shy of 62, I recognized that climbing up and down ladders for two days is probably not the smartest of moves for me. With my sons now with their own families, it’s a one-woman show. With all of this in mind, I did what I could over the weekend.

Monday morning, I passed all of the boxes of Christmas decorations in our halls and family room neatly stacked and thought, “It’s beautiful so far. At least the remainder is picked up.” I shook off my discouragement that I hadn’t made enough progress and headed for the garage and work. As I got to the door, I just shook it all off and said, “Jesus, I want to be your manager this Christmas.” What an interesting prayer.

As I blog this, I realize it was a cry from my spirit…. My soul (mind, will, and emotions) was tied up with what hadn’t been done and what was left to do. As I drove to work and pondered that simple prayer, I thought “All my answers are in Him. All my rest is in Him. All my hope, my joy, my future is in Him… and not just for me, but for those I love. When He finished His course, He was alone on the cross–abandoned by everyone, including His Father. I want to give YOU something this season. You’ve given me so much!”

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