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Heartbeat Hears a Cry

Dedicated to Jimmy, a lover of squirrels
© Mary Best Puplava, July 20, 2011

Heartbeat jumped from cloud to cloud
In search of the cry he’d heard out loud.
“Where or where could that little squirrel be?”
“I hear her cry. Is it in that tree?”

Down he jumped from fluffy cloud to tree top.
“Little squirrel, little squirrel, won’t you stop?”
“I’d like to help you. I’ve heard your cries.”
“Tell me why so many tears in your eyes.”

“I’m scared. I’m too high and I can’t get down.”
“I just kept climbing and never looked around.”
“Mommy and Daddy warned me not to climb so high you see.”
“I’m stuck out on this limb. Now what will become of me?”

“There, there, dear one,” Heartbeat exclaimed with a chuckle.
“Dry your eyes and we’ll work this out. That limb won’t buckle.”
“I’ve made it strong like your Daddy and supple like your Mummy.”
“Listen to me and do as I say. Sit down and get on your tummy.”

Little squirrel listened and did exactly as Heartbeat said.
Slowly she inched her way with fear gone from her head.
Lo and behold before she even knew it.
Her feet were on the ground in just a wee bit.

Little squirrel hugged Heartbeat with happy glee.
“Thank you so much for helping me out of that tree!”
“You’re welcome, my dear one. I love you so much.”
“That’s why I’ve given you Daddy and Mummy to trust.”

“Next time they warn you about danger,”
“Please listen well without any anger.”
“My heartbeat is linked with you and them.”
“Every time they pray to me and say, ‘Amen.’”

Little squirrel nodded and gave her answer true.
“I promise to listen and do as they tell me to do.”
With one last hug, Heartbeat left with a start.
Little squirrel ran home with joy in her heart.

My Inspiration for This Story: There is a God and His heart beats with Love. Heartbeat represents the Father Heart of God.

Values: Listening and Obedience

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