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Never Give Up

Dedicated to Marcia Brown, who struggles for the cure
© Mary Best Puplava, July 20, 2011

I knelt by my bed, my heart full of sadness.
Brother Billy was very sick. God, help this madness!
Why, oh why, is this terrible thing happening?
We’ve prayed long and hard this fall, winter and spring.

Nothing seems to help. No treatment a success.
Our lives are upside down and in such a mess.
Won’t you hear my prayer and heal Billy please?
He’s so very young and innocent you see.

All of a sudden, a bright light entered my room.
I heard songs, felt heat and thought I might swoon.
A figure of a man appeared at my side.
His light was so bright I could barely abide.

His sandals looked like they were on fire.
His tunic was so white as I looked up higher.
His face gleamed with beauty and majesty.
His eyes held mine with compassion and mercy.

“Daughter, I’ve heard your prayers for those you love.”
“I’ve come to bring healing from Father God above.”
“As soon as you set your heart to plea for his life,”
“We’ve battled the enemy who has brought such strife.”

“Father sent Me that you might have life more abundantly.”
“This includes salvation, healing, and deliverance through Me.”
“My blood was shed so long ago that all men might be free.”
“From this moment on, your brother is healed. Don’t you see?”

“Because you never gave up and petitioned Father day and night,”
“My name and My blood have set everything right.”
“Live out your life rejoicing in this testimony.”
“Never give up. My heart longs to set all men free.”

My Inspiration for This Story: Jesus, the Son of God, is the Light of the world. He gave up everything to be born as my substitute and die so that I might be free of darkness and sickness, gain salvation and the promise of eternity. Whenever He walks into my  thoughts, the dawn is brighter and the day is warmer and the nights less frightening because of His presence in my life. Daniel never gave up and finally his prayers were answered.

Values: Faith and Perseverance.

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