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A Season of Suddenly

by Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministry
2010 Watchman Intercessor Assembly
CI April 2010, Session 7

[MBP: This may appear long, but I felt the prophetic words spoken by several of the speakers at the end of Dutch’s presentation were very significant. The Lord often talks to Dutch through dreams. This dream was pretty amazing. His interpretation feels right on the mark.]

Dutch loved the worship before talking. He believes we’re going to ease into a place of worship and stay there. He loves the anointing at CI. It feels like he’s stopping to get a drink. The Lord gave a prophet a dream about him about a year ago. He doesn’t often preach from a dream, but felt it was an important dream for him. He found that this message was for the Body of Christ. What you go through, if you’re called to the Body, is for the Body. He has a season and then he learns he’s been a forerunner… national or international calling.

Verse to launch:  Isaiah 48:3,6 & 7 v3 NASB

“I declared the former things long ago And they went forth from My mouth, and I proclaimed them. Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass. [Long ago, long process to SUDDENLY. Ex. Prophetic words we’ve carried for a long time and made it to some suddenlies.] v6 “You have heard; look at all this. And you, will you not declare it? I proclaim to you new things from this time, Even hidden things which you have not known. v7 They are created now and not long ago; And before today you have not heard them,…””

When you study the New Testament, some things are brand new, never existed before – that’s kainos… different, but more of the same. The new wine of Matthew 9 is naios wine. It’s new in the sense of the Spirit – another dose, outpouring. It’s the same old wine. So it’s new/old. Or old/new. New wine is kainos. It’s not different, it’s just more or a new portion. The wineskins have to change. He changes us. We look and act differently.  We can receive things in a different way.  In other words, we’ve been “kainosed so that we can be naiosed!” Usually when god does something new, it’s a mix of the new/old and the new/new. Dutch now shares a dream he had that was significant for him and for the church.

It’ an underground scene. Old style like early 1900’s. Saw a train track with a row of single row structures. This prophet hears the train whistle. He’s expecting a subway train, instead it’s a bullet train, all gold with red stripes, moving at an impossible speed. There’s an impossible hairpin turn near the structures. It looks like a 180 and totally impossible. As the train approaches, it makes the turn as it passes him by.

Interpretation/Underground:  God was saying that the things he was doing in Dutch and the nation was pretty much hidden and underground. God always works behind the scene, in the underground, but in the hidden, invisible realm of the Spirit.  Where He’s working, working, working through the prayers, the worship, the activity of the angelic hosts moving toward the hidden things until He wants to bring them forth. (He has to keep certain things hidden because we’d mess it up – like do it before it’s time.) He works in ways that confuse, baffle, and take the enemy by surprise.  Old Style, like the 1900’s:  God was saying this is going to be a marriage of the old and the new.  What he said is coming forth is coming quickly – an amazing rate of speed.  This season feels like He’s been moving sleep. Instead He’s done much – underground. Dutch feels like he’s been in molasses.  We’re THERE. God is suddenly going to move. Suddenly, he heard the train whistle. He’s preached on the “suddenlies,” but hasn’t experienced many of them. But, now he is. WE HAVE HIT THE POINT WHERE HE IS COMING ABOVE GROUND.  The bullet train is moving.  In fact, we’re coming to a season for those who are running with the Lord will ask Can You please slow down a little! The prophet thought, it’ll never make the turn! But it made the turn easily. A year ago, when Dutch heard this dream, he began to confess, “I will make the turn easily.” This train was bringing great change.  A 180. He new he was going to be a forerunner.  God was saying, “I’m coming above ground. What I’m about to do will spring forth. Those things that were hidden will be shown very quickly. It is a bullet train. It’s going to bring great change. In fact, it will be like a 180.”

Dutch has moved into that. He’s gone from the mini/family van to the sports car. (His example was how he knew he was going to resign his congregation to focus on the nation. He’d began to work with a few close people. He shared with Peter Wagner, who announced it to the world at a conference. Dutch was forced to act on it immediately. Later he knew it was the Lord that did it. His 6-month transition turned into a 24 hour transition.  God gave him a plan and a strategy and then He anointed Dutch to stand in front of his congregation to share God’s heart.  A few people left, but the congregation made the 180 easily as well. Today the Lord is leading him. He’s facing challenges.  His confession and his decree is still the same. His flesh may scream, but his spirit stays true.

What is coming to this nation is going to change things. There is a GREAT awakening coming, an outpouring of the Spirit. The greatest ever, but it’s going to happen in the midst in the greatest shaking. The economy is going to take another dive and he believes before the end of the year. Challenging times are coming and he believes that’s part of the awakening. We must be positioned in faith and be ready to have answers for people to lead them into God’s plans and purposes. The hard times will awaken people to their need of Him. The outpouring itself is going to challenge us.  Stewarding it is going to be challenging. What do you do when you have a church of 120 and then 3000 and then 8000 like the early church? In Acts it seems like it was days. This bullet train is going to so stretch us – out of every boxes. In fact, prophetically, Dutch spoke:

 “The Lord is showing you now how things that used to work, don’t work now.  You’re in a season where He’s not allowing that to work. You haven’t done anything wrong. He’s not displeased with you. He’s getting you ready for the change to move into. The way you did it in the old won’t work in this new. He’s got to get you ready before it really springs forth with its fullness, so that you can already have adapted in your heart and you’re ready to go wherever He sends you to go and do.”

Interpretation: The Bullet train was gold with red stripes. He believes it’s the glory of the Lord, the Shekinah glory. It’s literally The Glory Train. It’s His presence… the ark of His presence, the Shekinah, hovering glory of the Lord. Red stripes referring to the blood of Jesus, the cleansing and holiness.  There is a release of the glory of the coming of the Lord. The only thing that would overshadow signs and wonders would be HIM! Dutch passionately said he didn’t care if you saw angels and miracles, if He walked in the room, you’d take your eyes of the miracle onto HIM. He’s coming with a PRESENCE MOVEMENT and He’s going to release signs and wonders, incredible revelation, incredible salvations, deliverances. All these things are going to come suddenly in explosive, powerful, bullet train-like way. “But I say to you, they are going to be carried by the presence and glory of God…

… Not by personality, not by charisma, not by giftings, not the gifts of the Spirit, which we love, It’s something that’s just part of the train. THIS will be as pure an outpouring we’ve ever seen. You can’t get it without the stripes… it’ll kill ya. You try to go in there without the covering of the Blood, where the Ark of His Presence and the Shekinah dwells, you can’t get there without going through the Blood or it will kill you.  So there will be cleansing.”

God has been going deeper in Dutch – deep inside to look at motives, attitudes, ways of doing things. He’s making Dutch go deeper still and lower still.

Interpretation: These DWELLINGS on the other side of the track… they were single level, single room structures… very humble.  We can’t get it with the fluff and the hype and the extravagance. He’s looking for a people who are “ready to go low.” It’s the SIMPLICITY and PURITY of devotion to Him. The word, simplicity, haplotes, means singleness. [See article for 5 meanings.] This means without distraction, without double-mindedness in any way. .. a single focus.

It’s The Presence Movement
The Lord took his church into where they shut everything down for 3 months – only to worship for 90 days.  24/7. “Do nothing but host My Presence.” We are coming into a season with this outpouring  where there will be week-long conferences and there won’t be any speaking.  They’re going to be Presence Gatherings. He called back Dutch’s congregation into purity and devotion. “I don’t need your messages, I need your heart.  I gave you the gifts and I can make them bigger and give them to somebody else. What I need is you! I need you to return to your first love. If you’re going to trumpet it, if you’re going to be a forerunner of it, you’re going to have to experience it. You need to be an Obed-Edom and host the Ark of My Presence for 90 days.” It was glorious to spend 8, 10, 12, 24 hours in the presence of the Lord.  … better is one day in your courts than a 1000 elsewhere. Remember, that was KING David saying that.

Historians say that when King David moved the Ark into the tent, he set it on a table high enough that he could crawl under it. The music, worship would never stop. He would go in and lay under that table and see the Cherubims with their wings extended that he wrote the Psalm, under the shadow of your wings.”

There is a movement coming that is a Presence – Glory Movement. And it’s coming quickly. It’s going to bring great change. It’s coming to the poor in spirit, the lowly.


After the train goes by, the prophet looked across the tracks, there was a group of people, an entourage waiting outside the corner room. Besides the door is a lantern and on the door, the numbers 1220. [Based on Strong’s Concordance of Hebrew and Greek words identified by numbers] Dutch understood that the number meant 1220 in Hebrew means to gather grapes or mine gold. It has to do with Harvest, fruit, thinking of the hidden, the treasures of darkness, it’s the souls! 1220 in the Greek is penny, denarius… the wheat back . It used to be the sheaves on the back. Now it’s the gold. It’s the treasures  — those that don’t know Him, but are already marked. The prophets that are shooting crack, the evangelists sleeping under bridges, the teachers that are cutting themselves, the broken hearts that will one day be the healer of hearts.

 “I tell you, we are there and are about ready to mine them.  They are the hidden treasures. I know it’s financial treasure in that scripture, but the Lord is saying in the dream, it’s the treasure of souls. He’s seeing young people get saved and set free. The Spirit of God is coming  — like to Mary of Magdelene – and they’re being set free by the Spirit of God.”

Yes, they have to have their mind renewed, yes they have to be disciple, but I’m telling you the chains are coming off of them!  He’s hearing stories even now of these people stumbling into services even now and being saved and set free.  No withdrawals, no cold turkey. God just did it. He’s hearing testimonies of prostitutes, drug dealers. He told a story of a young man who looked normal, but seemed so sad. He saw his father kill his mother when he was 11. They’re coming and some will look like us and some not, but get over it. Don’t get distracted by the nose rings. God loves them just they way they are. God is going to allow us to mine this “gold.”

This room the people were in pictures harvest. A beautiful young lady with a clip board comes up to the prophet and says, “Be ready. It’s almost time for you to go in.” (meaning the corner room) She leads him to the room and Dutch Sheets and his wife were in the room.  Both seemed surprised, as if they’d been awakened out of a deep sleep.  Dutch looks around the room, 1220, with them in it, and he saw the walls had multiple prosthetics and body parts hanging there.  He saw many props and costumes. The scene has a vaudeville, theatrical theme to it.

Interpretation:  God knew that Dutch would instantly understanding the meaning. Because of his love for word study, and he had taught it many times… We get out English word, “prosthetic,” from the Greek word, “prosthesis,”  which is the word for PURPOSE or DESTINY.  A thesis is a paper or report written to explain the purpose or the reasoning behind something. Pro in Greek does with pre does in English… it makes it in advance. So, it’s to “pre-thesis” or pre-plan or pre-design something. Therefore, it became the word for DESTINY.  A prosthesis restores that which is lost. It restores purpose – as in Romans 8:28 – called according to His purpose. No matter what the enemy tries to do to “cut off” your purpose or destiny, God knows how to take everything to restore it to His purpose for us. The Lord was saying to Dutch that He was putting him through a process, preparing him for this harvest.

The ENTOURAGE waiting outside the room is a generation to awaken and bring forth into purpose and destiny. There are probably a million of them in America alone, who don’t have any idea of their identity or their purpose or destiny.  And when God does this, they are going to be a great army , filled with zeal, filled with faith. They’re ours to disciple, and mentor, and keep them going in the right direction, because they are going to burn with holy fire. You are NOT going to hold them back. They are waiting for purpose. The #1 question asked of college counselors is “What is my purpose? Why am I here? Help me find my reason for being here.”  There is something God puts in our DNA that cries out for worth.  We all want to matter.  “He’s about to bring a generation into purpose and destiny.”

From this point on Dutch has been praying and asking for inspiration on what he can sow into this generation that’s coming to help mantle them with their “costume,” their purpose.


Dutch looks at the prophet having the dream and says, “I understand you have a word for me.” He nods, yes. “Give it to me, “ Dutch says. He (Dutch) has the look of a man that is tired. He felt this was one of many stops he’d made on his journey.  He’d heard many words before. “Get on with it.” “It doesn’t work like that” the man says, “You have to wait for it.” Dutch says, “I’m not going to wait for it.” And turns to walk away. The man leaps on him and wrestles him to the ground, all the while, singing in his ear, “Danny boy, how I love ya.  Ya know I love ya, Danny Boy.” Dutch shakes him off and says, “You’ll have to do better than that. I need specifics.” He says, “You want specifics? I’ll give you specifics.  “My Son was wounded in the head.”  End of dream.

The prophet/dreamer jumps up in the middle of the night. Gets pen and paper and says, “God, what’s this Danny Boy how I love ya?”  The Spirit of the Lord speaks to him instantly and he writes down, “Daniel, well beloved of the Lord. As soon as you set your heart to cry out in supplication for this nation, I heard you and sent my angel to give you skill and understanding.”

Interpretation: Dutch knew that it was a combination of two verses in Daniel, because he had been studying it. He’d actually been doing word studies on skill and understanding. God understood he’d know where those words came from and what those words would mean in detail. He actually was literally wrestled to the ground by the Angel of the Lord, and mantled him for this nation.

“My Son was wounded in the head” Dutch knew to mean the crown of thorns. When they placed the crown of thorns on His head it was a sign that He was taking the literal curse upon Him to bear it away as the scapegoat. In Genesis it says that part of the curse was that the earth would bring up thorns. So when they put the crown upon His head, it was Jesus bearing our curse, taking them away. Dutch knew the Lord was saying to him, “There IS an answer for the curse in this nation.”

Dutch: “Listen to me. We are under curses. We are under judgments. We are under curses. It is not yet broken and it is not yet lifted. They have not yet run their course. Curses that defile the land: idolatry, immorality, the shedding of innocent blood, covenant breaking… all these things in scripture that bring curses.  And there are others. We have done them. And we are experiencing the fruit of that now. Some of the leaders we have in this nation governmentally, they’re not just bringing fruit of their curses… and I’ve never said this publicly before, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. They’re not just bringing further curses upon us because of their decisions; they’re a part of the curse. They are a part of the judgment.

The Lord said in the dream, My Son was wounded in the head. Translation: There is an answer for the curse! ”There is something that allows Me to come and break this cycle and bring blessing again. And be encouraged because from the day you set your heart to cry out to Me for the nation, I’ve sent My angel to give you skill and understanding. “ Translation: There are strategies from Me. There are downloads. There is a mystery season of discovery that we have moved into, where the mysteries of the Lord and the counsel of the Lord is ready to go to a new level so that we can see the awakening we’ve cried out for. And the provision of the Cross applied to this nation again, so that the curse is lifted. “And I say to you, even the judgments will not be forever. There is a breakthrough even of the judgments! To where once again, we come back into the full blessing of the Lord.

Danny Boy – God is amazing.

Skill and Understanding– these are praying words. This isn’t just for me, it’s for all of us.

The first word, skill, is a Hebrew word. It’s present body, but prophetic. It’s supernatural understanding that comes  — heaven’s answers to human problems that come directly from the Spirit of God. Skill is a high level of wisdom that is based upon learning, based upon experience, time. You could describe it as “seasoned” “wise” “Doctor” who could take all these symptoms, do this and this and this – he’s not prophetic, he’s just had enough training, and wisdom and experience. He can look at all these things and know what the problem is and what you need to do. Sometimes, like in scripture, it comes in impartation. In other words, “God just made them smarter.” J He gave them a spirit of wisdom. Joshua had the Spirit of Wisdom because Moses laid hands on him. Paul prayed for the church in Ephesus to have the Spirit of Wisdom. It’s a high level skill, insight, wisdom. It’s training and experience augmented by the Spirit of God. And He takes it to an even higher level.

So, when God is pouring out His Spirit, and the economy is messing up and the world starts falling apart and everyone starts coming to church, there are Josephs and Daniels , leaders ready to say “This is what we do.” Dutch says, they ARE coming to us for answers… not yet “They’re still too proud. He’s going to break them.  Trust me, He’s going to do it. There are those that will be gifted this way in Education. There are those that will be gifted this way for the economy. [Jim!] “Do this and the economy will turn.”

This word brings it to the prophetic.  Bryn. “Breen”  It’s wisdom and knowledge, but it’s laced with revelation.  It’s not based on the accumulation of knowledge, but that which is downloaded by the Spirit of God. Where there is no human answer, you have understanding. It’s what Daniel had when he had dreams and could interpret dreams and receive visions. This is what was given to Solomon. Solomon asked for a “hearing heart” and this is the word he was given to describe it: wisdom AND revelation. This is what the Sons of Issachar had when it’s said they had understanding of the times. They had wisdom, but they had MORE than wisdom. They had revelation. They could discern. They knew things that there was no natural way to know it.

This word, understanding, is not limited to a church service or revelation in a church service. God didn’t intend wisdom and revelation to be thrown around in a service or at a conference. Daniel wasn’t a preacher! He worked in government. This is supposed to be applied in your family. It’s supposed to work at your job, when you teach and train, filtered into every level of life.  This is what will prosper you and cause millions and millions to be transferred from the unrighteous into the hands of the righteous. That day still IS coming! Somebody else has your money! This is an anointing that can listen to the dream of a king or even if the king won’t tell the dream, can go off for God and give wisdom and revelation and go before the leaders and say “Here’s your dream and here’s what you do.”

Because of the full establishment of the apostles and prophets, He is able to now release these things to the church. Apostolic Wisdom and Prophetic Revelation – He can MARRY them.

“We are about to see this dimension of the Christ anointing released in a fresh way. And it’s going to go beyond even the forerunners where they have walked in it already. I’m telling you there’s more. Christian International, there’s more. Prophetic Intercessors, there’s more. Watch men and women, there’s more. Those of you that can prophesy, I say to you, there’s more. Those of you that get words of knowledge, I say to you, there’s more. Those of you that moved in power gifts, there’s more. We have just touched what He has in store. He’s about to release the full dimension of the apostolic and prophetic mantle of wisdom and revelation to us.

“Some of you are going to be called into seasons. I’m telling you, NOW its begins! You’re going to be called into seasons of fasting and separation unto Him, because He has an impartation for you. It is timely. It is now. The Bullet Train is coming out of the ground. That which has been hidden and that which He has spoken to you in the past is now ready to spring forth. And you must position yourself to receive this. You must go into a season of separation unto Him. Even now, He is ready to wrestle you to the ground and mantle you with a new dimension which you also have already been carrying to a certain extent. But I say to you, there’s more!

“There are paradigms that are going to come to some of you and change in a moment of time. Some of you are going to go through processes of change, where over days, weeks and even months, He changes the way you even think. But I to some of you, he’s going to shake you and shake world and change the way you think in a single visitation. He’s going to unlock mysteries. This is indeed the Season of Discovery. For there have been things hidden for this moment. There are mantles that have been waiting to be handed down. You will be a part of that so that you can mine the gold, gather the grapes, and be a part of bringing forth the treasures that are still hidden in darkness. I say to you, THIS is the season.

“And the watchman anointing is ready to be released to some of you. God is saying, now I am mantling watchmen for the nations. I am mantling them for cities. I am mantling them for individuals. I am mantling them for movements.

“There are some of you, the Lord says, I am going to take you to the place where you see and understand and move into a realm of wisdom and revelation that is beyond anything you’ve walked in before, but you’ve already walked it, but you have not walked in this dimension. I’m going to actually do some things in you, the Lord says, that I am going to cause you to think prophetically.  You will not have to go into a mode where you shift into the prophetic. You will live in the prophetic. You will think prophetically. You will ponder prophetically. You will lay down in your bed and just daydream prophetically. You will find yourself moving in this dimension for seasons. Some of you will wonder what is this all about? You will find yourself thinking and doing things prophetically before you know it’s prophetic. For the last season has come to its maturity. And I have finished that work that I needed to do to prepare you for this new place and new season. And so He says, the season—He’s not saying to me people — He’s saying the seasons. The season is mature. The season has reached its point of transition. The season has come to fullness. And now I transition you to the new. “

Dutch called everyone to stand up. “I’m not surprised the Lord is doing what I’m feeling, because I know the mantle that’s on this place. What I hear the Lord saying right now is that, ‘There is a faith in this place for this that can shift us into it, but shift us intercessionally for the rest of the apostolic/prophetic church.’ I actually feel that what we were tapping into earlier. This is what we tapped into in worship. Now I understand. This is it. This is the season of discovery. It’s moving into the new. He’s saying, this is what I hear, ‘We’re going to call this forth on our self, but we’re going to do it not just for ourselves, but we’re going to do it as an intercession for the apostolic/prophetic church. “

“I’m excited, because I’ve been talking about this for weeks, but this is the first time I’ve heard THIS that the Lord is saying. I’ve been praying this over individuals and congregations, but I’ve never had the Lord instruct me to do it for the apostolic/prophetic church.  And I know it’s because of where I am. It’s because THIS IS who you are.  I need you to pray in the spirit with me or a while.

Suddenly the Train Brings it All
“He hastens. He hastens the timing. Quickly, He’s coming. Suddenly.  Speedily.  I heard the train whistle suddenly.  The whistle, the train, here it comes. [I hear the train almost every hour now.] Hastening, hastening, quickly. Glorious, cleansed, holy, marked by the Blood, carrying the Glory, carrying the movement, carrying the treasure, carrying the awakening. [I just remembered the prophetic word about Jim and the train from CI in the ‘90s] Carrying outpouring, carrying the shaking of the Lord, but establishing a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. Carrying all the gifts, all the anointings, all of the mantles of the Glorious One, all the Christ anointings and dimensions of His glorious person. It is a glorious convergence of anointings, mantles, truths, revelation.

Season of Discovery
“It is even a converging of seasons. It is a coming together of movements. It is a marriage of the ages, carrying in the Spirit of the Eternal One. It embodies eternity. It is the fullness of the times. The season of discovery. The Lord says, “Yes! But much more than you are aware. Much more than you understand. Discoveries that will be about things that you’ve not even thought of—even mysteries and hidden secrets of the earth, of science, of creation that I will unlock in this season for my chosen ones that I have appointed that will bring forth answers and the change in Education and will change Technology, that will change Medicine. Secrets.

Seer Anointing
“And the anointing of the SEER will go to a completely new level even to the point of the prophets who heard the word of the King in the bedchamber that looked ahead 100s of years, centuries, and wrote mysteries. The Lord says this is the day of the Seer. The Lord says this is the day when the seer anointing will go to a new level. I will unlock to you the realm of the Spirit in ways that you have not yet moved in. And you will say what you see and you will sing what you see and you will witness what you see and you will do what you see. You will not strive to see. It will come easily and quickly. It will overtake you. It will surprise you. It will come in times of unusual circumstances. Casual conversations that seemingly have nothing to do with spirituality. I see people around the table playing games and having fun. Suddenly the Spirit of Prophecy comes and the seer anointing comes and they shove the game aside and begin to prophesy.

I’ve never seen this before, but I see it now, so I’m going to prophesy it. I see teachers at secular schools and universities that literally put the book down and dare to break the rules and begin to prophesy words of knowledge over the students in their classroom. I see students jumping up prophesying to teachers and telling them secrets of their hearts.  It is the season of discovery. I want you to get your faith out. We’re going to pray this over you and then we’re going to pray it over the apostolic/prophetic body of Christ.

“Lord, we release now, the spirit of wisdom and revelation, skill and understanding , the Daniel anointing to a Daniel generation that will be skilled 10 times more than the world. We release the spirit of wisdom, the spirit-imparted skill like Issachar to know how to do it, to know how to prosper when others don’t know how, and strategies to move forward in difficult times. Wisdom. Wisdom that confounds the wise. Wisdom. We release all across this room the spirit of wisdom. Spirit of Wisdom! Wisdom builds her house. Wisdom IS the Spirit of God. Spirit of Wisdom.  We release the Spirit of Wisdom. Come on just take it. Receive this anointing. Creative wisdom. Creative, creative, creative, creative thinking, creative tapping into heaven’s wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. Spirit of Wisdom. Spirit of Wisdom. Spirit of revelation. New levels of seeing, hearing, dreaming, revelation of the gifts, revelation of the Word, understanding of the times. Spirit of Revelation and Prophecy, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, discerning of spirits, Revelation, Understanding, Being, we release it now Lord, over Your people. Heighten discernment, the seeing anointing. Eyes to see, Isaiah 50, ears to hear.  Eyes to see, ears to hear. Hearts to understand. Left and Right marry. Wisdom and Revelation marry.  Left and right coming together into a new weapon.

Receive. Receive this mantle. A new level. A season of discovery, climbing the mountain of revelation. Higher, higher., higher, seeing farther, higher, higher, higher, higher, higher, soaring with the eagles, the eye of the eagle to see, to see harvest, to see treasure, to see where the gold is, to see answers. Higher, higher, higher. Soaring, soaring, soaring higher. Sharper. Keener. Stronger lenses. Higher into the ways of God. Into a new realm of revelation.  Oh, higher, oh, higher.

“Keep it going. Carry this out from this place. Be the apostolic/prophetic praying church. Let it go into the atmosphere, into the heavens. An impartation to the body of Christ. We send it forth. The Word of the Lord we send it forth.  Wisdom, revelation, skill and understanding, the apostolic/prophetic mantling from this place. The Bullet Train of His glory goes forth from this place.  The Lord of Hosts sends forth His army bearing gifts. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! ….


Tom Hamon – Just lift your hands to heaven. Father, we see the heavens and we ask that there be a release from our heart, from our cry, from our desire, this day. Come now, by your anointing, by your presence and invade our atmosphere. Rain upon our lives, release of the latter rain, and the harvest and that which You have purposed us to receive. Lord, we cry. We cry out to You.

Bishop Bill Hamon – I want you to get the full benefit of what’s taken place. In 1998, Dutch Sheets was here speaking. He asked me to come up to release the Father-Heart of God to the people. I came up and started praying for the people and suddenly I had a vision of a great, big heart put into my heart – a flaming, fiery heart. And I fell to the floor in intercession for about 30 minutes. And Dutch Sheets was walking back and forth saying “The Apostolic is birthed.  The Apostolic is birthed.” I’m telling you God is baptizing you in the Third Reformation power and authority. There’s a baptism of it. There’s a release of it. Glory to God! Come on! Do it. Oh, worship Hi. Yeah! Glory, glory, glory! The glory is here. His glory is here. His glory is over us.

Jane Hamon – And the Lord says just as in days of old that that prophet’s wife, the widow of the prophet, found herself of great need and destitution. The Lord says that even many in the prophetic have been through a season of that which has been dying and that which is dead. But the Lord says My Divine purpose is overshadowing your circumstance. And the Lord said, I’ve set this woman up for a time when the prophet would come and release a new word, a fresh word. And he said to her, go gather many vessels. Go gather empty vessels that are ready to be filled. Go gather empty vessels that are ready to be filled. And the Lord says over the last several years I have been emptying you out , emptying you out, emptying you out of everything that you know, of everything that you could put your trust in – of revelation, of past seasons, of knowledge, of past seasons, of the skill of last season, that I might fill you in this next season. There’s the Spirit of God. So lift up your hands, be vessels, because My Spirit is pouring. My oil is pouring and I am filling you, filling you, filling you for this new season. I am filling you with all that you need. Skill, revelation, understanding, wisdom, finances, miraculous power. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. Receive. WOO! Jane again – what we’re doing here is not just for this group or gathering. It’s for the movement. It’s for the awakening. It’s for the reformation. [While Jane was prophesying, Bill Hamon was laying hands on Dutch in birthing, I believe.]

Bill Hamon – I see in the spirit, your now is “crowning.” The ladies understand this. It’s babies coming forth. Push it on out. I think we need to praise another 10 minutes. Come on.  Push it on it. You’re crowning. It’s coming forth, now, now, now! Come on, pray with me, birth, birth, birth. Bring it forth. Come on intercessors.

Dutch Sheets – We speak now to those of you watching this around the nation and the nations of the earth.  We speak the Word of the Lord into your homes, your offices, your congregations. We speak that which is here that is being  birthed here by the Spirit of God, that which is transitioning a movement to the next phase, the season that is coming forth, the bullet train anointing that is coming up out of the earth. We send to you. Even now where you are, we say take it into your heart and mind. Rise up to the new level now of the apostolic/prophetic wisdom and revelation. We send it into the airwaves of the earth. We release you to go from the old to the new. We unlock the treasures of the Kingdom that were made and saved for such a time as this. We release you! And pull you up into the new. The season of awakening and reformation. The Day of the Saints, the Marriage of the Seasons, the wrapping of the anointings of God, of the fullness of the Christ anointing. We release it to you now. I release it to you in your home, now, now, now! Right now! Even when you watch this later, I still release it now! We leave the old and move into the new. Suddenly it springs forth. Suddenly it springs forth.

I speak release to that which has been stored up in your spirit. I speak now the uncapping of the well. I say to that deeper place, that deeper well In your spirit that you didn’t know that existed – maybe you did—but that which has been saved for this season – the deep well, the deep waters—It is the season of deep calling to deep, the deep resources of God. The Spirit of God is calling out of your spirit that which He has placed, and calling you in. It’s been saved for this hour and we call it forth from you now. He is unlocking the reserves of the Spirit.

Gentleman – I saw us prophetically doing something tonight. And that was reaching up with our right hand and taking a scroll of apostolic wisdom. And reaching up with our left hand and taking a scroll of prophetic revelation.  The Lord says He’s releasing that to the earth in a new way. For the Lord would say, surely know that I’m unveiling and unrolling the scrolls tonight in a new way, says the Lord. And the Lord would say that these scrolls shall even be as BATONS for the generations to run with this God. And the Lord would say they shall run with speed and they shall run with direction. And the Lord would say that they shall run even into the waters, the rivers of the Lord, says God, and represent knowledge and the glory of the Lord and the waters that shall cover the sea. And God says scrolls of revelation are being released tonight, says God. And the Lord would say even as Jesus shall release a scroll at the appointed time, God says tonight I am releasing the scrolls to the generations of destiny in the earth, says the Lord. Hallelujah!

Bill Hamon – give a shout of faith and believe it. It’s birthed. It’s birthed. You brought it forth. It’s a new day. It’s a new dawning. Never the same again. Praise Him!

Dean Mitchum – We are experiencing  a revelation. Revelation 21  … now I saw a new heaven and a new earth… The angel first said, Come and I will show you the Bride. And what the angel showed was the new city! The revelation of the bride is the revelation of the cities. And we are experiencing the revelation of the bride right now in the midst of our cities. We’re in the city of revelation. This IS the visitation of God Himself. We’re not waiting till the future. The future is here tonight. For this is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

Bill Hamon – I want everyone to stand and begin to praise God. For this is what we’re birthing tonight. This is a sovereign visitation from God. We’ve had this happen at CI about 4 times and I’m telling you something is being birthed in your spirit tonight. There’s something that’s been born in you of God that will not pass away. If you weren’t wearing the office, this is going to stay. This is going to stand. Something is being created in you. Something is being birthed in you. I can see it in the spirit. I want you to raise your hands and begin to praise and talk in tongues and words of God. Let it BE! Let it BE! Let it be!!

Tom Hamon – Began to sing, “Seasons of Glory” We cry out, Lord, for seasons of Glory. Let the wind blow. Seasons of glory. Lord, we cry out. We want to see your glory. Let the wind blow. Season of glory. Lord we receive. This is not just for CI. It’s for the body of Christ, for this nation, for the nations of the earth.  God wants to begin to birth . Use us to start the wind to start here. Let it start here.

Bill Hamon – In 1988 we had a birthing of the prophetic. In 1998 we had a birthing of the apostolic. I want you to know we have the birthing of the Saints Movement. Tonight God is birthing the Third and Final Reformation within us and this is beginning of the end of the devil and the establishing of God’s Kingdom and God’s purpose. There is a sovereign move of God. Something has supernaturally transpired in your spirit. You’ll never be the same again. It’s happened. It’s happened. What you’ve been believing for. Into the Lord, into a new dimension, a new realm, a new move of God. Give a shout of triumph.

Tom Hamon – Father, we thank You. We are ever mindful of our place, our positioning. It’s not about us. it’s about You and what you want to do. What You need – the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God in these last days, the release of Your presence powerfully, the inundation that You want to bring. Lord, the overwhelming release of Your presence, of Your grace, and the seeing of Your glory that when You’re lifted up, it changes everything. Father, we ask that that which You do tonight is not just here in this house. We hear the music and worship together as one, but Father as we go forth, let there be evidence of us being the temple of the Holy Spirit that You abide and You dwell and Your glory would emanate out of us. It would radiate as it did upon Moses. It would be evident in how we operate. It would be seen and received as the evidence that we have been with You. Lord Father, we want to be, Lord, those that go forth as torches lit brightly for You, O God, that cannot be hid. That city on the hill. Lord, those that have been set aflame by Your anointing, by Your hand and by Your glory, Father, let us be filled to overflowing  continually with Your anointing. Father, as we come into Your presence, we drink deep and we receive. But, Father, we believe there’s more than enough and that everywhere we go, there’s going to be an outpouring – in our home, everywhere we go, in our business and our workplace, everywhere we go. Father, when we go to sleep and when we awake in the morning. Father we decree that there’s an abundant release of that anointing and that glory that You’ve promised to us.  Father, we receive it right now and we decree we’re going to run with it every day of our life. Let the new begin now. It is time! Give the Lord one more shout and praise. 

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