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Risk It

by Sean Smith

I had the opportunity to attend the Southern California School of the Supernatural in January 2010 in Poway, California. Prophetic Evangelist, Sean Smith was our guest speaker. His talk hit me straight in my heart. I’m including notes along with some final thoughts that you too will risk it! ~ Mary

“Risk is the bridge between Heaven’s realities to earth’s possibilities.”

A bridge has to connect two parts. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are that bridge that connects Heaven to our earth. He finds that once we discover our gifts, they only develop because of taking a risk. We can’t play it safe with Christianity. Risk is the price tag for the gift. In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul exhorts us to “pursue” and “desire earnestly.” The anointing of God knows no limits.

We need to understand that sometimes God only gives us the first part. It’s our part to enter in. Sean gave the example where Israel was to meet and hear God at the base of Mt. Sinai. The people were frightened of the thundering and ran from Him, but Moses drew into the dark. Exodus 20:21 So the people stood afar off, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was. He pointed out that up to this point, the whole nation of Israel were called a kingdom of priests. [Ex. 19:6] After this rejection, only the Levites were allowed to be priests. [Although Sean didn’t highlight this scripture, I was reminded of Revelation 1: 5 & 6 …To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, 6 and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever.] Risk it! It’s all about faith. You’ve got to mix revelation and risk. God is calling us as risk-takers. Don’t let fear or the devil talk us out of our destiny. Sean said to shake up the “etch-a-sketch” in your mind.

“The devil only respects greater force.”

David’s Three Mightiest Men

Sean took us to 2 Samuel 23:8-13 and David’s mighty men. The first fought 800, the second fought so hard his sword stuck to his hand, and the third held his ground against an army in the middle of a lentil field. David’s men embodied a mindset. Recall that they were the distressed, discontented and debtors when we first meet them in 1 Samuel 22 at the cave. ”Kingdom risk is acting from the willingness of losing my life and my agenda with the expectation of gaining His.” Don’t play it safe. Cross the line. Don’t back up.

How did David train his men? “To unleash exploits, you must first unlearn fears.” The longer you tolerate something, the longer it becomes an oppression. Be careful of the mindset you believe. “The inner controls outer manifestation.” “If you listen to fear, you’re being discipled by a demon.” WOA! Think about this… what if the spirit of fear was gone from our world? “Don’t draw back when God is attempting to draw you out to draw you up.” Get over your fears. We’ve GOT to leave a testimony for our kids.

“If you don’t turn your adversity into ministry, then your pain remains your pain.”

Your adversity reminds you of your past. Leave it. Flip your script. Risk to make yourself vulnerable and you’ll be invulnerable to the devil. He shared a story of how he shared his painful early years with a group. Many were saved.

“Faith doesn’t eliminate uncertainties, it embraces them.”

“Uncertainties, unknown territories, and unanswered mysteries are the seed bed of the supernatural.” When it’s God, you’re willing to go out on a limb. “Extreme risk will release extreme makeovers.” Risk is the price tag. Sean wants to tell our stories.

“The Holy Spirit’s assignment in 2010: He wants to blow you away.”

Sean’s talk was peppered with phenomenal stories of young people of faith, who took a risk. The Lord came through in a big way… salvations, healings, miracles and people raised from the dead for those who crossed the line and took a risk. I’m challenged by his talk. I hope you are too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Testimony of Regret
by Mary Puplava

I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 40 years old. A couple years into my walk, I was in Sunday service with my family and we were joined by friends. During worship, I thought I heard the Lord say, “Pray for her feet.” I looked to my left and a young lady stood next to me. She didn’t look like there was anything wrong. So I ignored it and went back to worshiping. At the end of service, our group was chattering with the families around us. I happened to look up and saw that young woman and her husband leaving the church… she was LIMPING! I sat down in my chair and immediately asked for forgiveness. What might have happened had I “risked it” and asked the woman if I could pray for her feet? Think about it. I’ve never forgotten it.

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