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Contending for Our New Era

DutchSheetsby Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministry
5 Statements/Decrees for 2013

(Recorded at Glory of Zion’s Head of the Year 5773, September 2012)

#1 We have shifted into a new era.

Last year the word was “New Era” or “Shift”. Since we have shifted, it’s time to talk differently, think differently, and say things differently. Ex. Change “Awakening is coming.” To “Awakening has come. It’s here.” Even if we are in transition, we are IN a new season.

Changes we are seeing.

  1. Voices change. (ex Moses to Joshua, John to Jesus)
  2. Paradigms change. (John: mourn, repent. Jesus: dance, rejoice)
  3. Focus change. (wilderness to promised land)
  4. Assignments change. (1948, 60’s, 80’s & 90’s… now is different)
  5. Methods change. (Moses struck the rock with the rod. Now lay hands and Holy Spirit fills)
  6. Strategies change. (This election it’s worship to break the power of the enemy.)

#2 There are windows (portals, gates, doors) in the spirit realm that are open now.

It’s important to discern where they are. A friend called Dutch about a dream he’d had about Dutch. He was signing a new book called “Dream” about vision and dreaming with God. The scripture verse was Isaiah 22:22. It’s open and close doors. Dutch knew it as the Strong’s numbers for 22. In Hebrew the word 22 means “a pouring rain”. In Greek the word 22 is “zoe” and means “God’s life”. His interpretation was this: Your dream of awakening and revival is about to come. There are open windows and the rain of God’s life is about to fall. Your dream is a pouring rain of God’s life.

Heaven & Earth Connect
Dutch gave a quick list of where he’s found heaven and earth connected. In other words, where the portal/gate/window was open in Scripture.

Genesis 28           Jacob. Destiny is released and angelic activity
Psalm 118            Righteousness
Malachi 4             Provision coming
Isaiah 64:1           His Presence comes down
Psalm 149            He enthrones Himself because of praise
Isaiah 6                 Cleansing came down and Calling (Isaiah)
Acts 10                  Revelation of a new era (The Spirit falls on Gentiles.)
Acts 2                    Pentecost
Revelation 4       Prophetic Insight
1 Kings 18            Elijah’s prayers and rain fell

What is it that God wants to release to you over your life right now in this open heaven?
What are we to connect with?
Ask for direction, strategy, provision, faith for salvation.
Call forth revelation, miracles, signs and wonders.

This was a significant year. It was the year Israel became a nation AND the year when signs and wonders began. It was like there was a day when a switch was flipped. Dutch shared his dad’s example. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit and all of a sudden “I just knew.” He’d received the gift of Word of Knowledge. No one had taught him. He also began to move in signs, wonders and miracles.

Portals are open today and a pouring rain of God’s life is falling.

#3 Opposition is going to increase.
There is great, great warfare in the spirit right now. There is tremendous warfare in the heavens and we are seeing it manifest in certain parts of the world. Demons are really nervous – and that’s positive. Principalities are stirred up. Satan is growing more intimidated and nervous. He’s trying anything he can to alter this, change the timing, interrupt the flow of what God wants to do, and get people distracted.

So, there is manifestation on the earth of what is happening in the heavens. Be alert to it. War against it. Resist it to keep it from distracting you and altering your destiny. Do not be distracted by it. Do not allow it to harass you in the sense that you become distracted and busy. [Dutch really emphasized this statement.] He gave an example. While he was preaching, an intercessor saw a demon jumping up and down to distract him. The point is, the demon can’t stop you, but it can distract you to stop you. It can’t overpower, but it can distract. Therefore, the strategy is don’t be distracted by the demon. Keep your focus on the Lord and what He is saying. Keep your focus on what God has told you to do. Recognize what it feels like when there’s demonic activity: agitated, want to pick a fight, tense. You can feel the warfare in the spirit realm

#4 We must continue to contend for what God said is ours now.

A friend called Dutch with a dream. In the dream, Dutch had grown to 6’9”. Dutch knew it wasn’t stature. It was Galatians 6:9. How did he grow to 6’9”? “I warred with wisdom and revelation.” Galatians 6:9 “Do not be weary in well doing, for in due season, you will reap if you don’t faint.” We have come into our “due season”. The Greek is idios kairos and it means owned, opportune time. Therefore, we have come to the time we were promised, that He says is ours, that we own. We have to come to it. BUT we still have to contend. Even when you come to the window, even when you come to the time of rain, you still have to go to the top of the mountain and begin to travail for the rain. (Elijah, Daniel)

Dutch believes we have entered into a time of “glorious contending” and not “wearisome contending”. This season we get to the top of the mountain and say, “I hear the sound of rain. Now, I’m going to pray until it rains.” Say, “I have the word of the Lord. I know that I have come to this time. Now I’m going to persevere all the way into this until I see it.”

The word, faint, in Galatians 6:9 is ekluo, and it means turn loose, relax. It’s not a time to strive or relax. It’s not a time for nervous activity and warfare. Nor is it a time to relax. It’s not time to let go, but it’s a time to press in with faith that we’re standing under an open heaven. Note: We’re not warring to get it open. We’re warring to get heaven down to earth. There is a different. Our contending now is for harvest. It’s for the manifestation of the provision. If we’re going to receive the fullness, we must do it with Galatians 6:9 –the height and stature. Persevere until we go all the way. Remember Romans 8 and allow the Holy Spirit to pray with us, help us. That Greek word means to take hold of, together, with against.

If you take hold of this and contend, Holy Spirit will come and take hold with you. He’s waiting now for us to persevere past the weariness, not relaxed, reaching out in faith. When we reach out in faith to hold what He’s promised, we’ll see Holy Spirit taking hold with us. We have to give Him something to agree with. Give Him action, faith, decrees—what He needs so that as we lay hold, He grabs it with us and pulls it to earth.

#5 We will win.

In this season of contention when we are being opposed because satan is so intimidated by what’s about to happen, we will see the transformation we’ve been calling out for. Breakthrough. All the prophetic words that have been spoken. Contend and go all the way for health, family, finances, cities, nations. We’re battling for destiny. We’re going to win. Victory in the heavens and SOULS!

Decree over what we need, “We’re going to win.” Move into Galatians 6:9. Dutch began to prophetically decree:

I’m not weary. I’m not going to relax. I’m not going to let go. I’m going to win this thing. Renewed strength. A new place of strength, refreshing, not weary, receiving new wings, mount up, not faint, supernatural strength, fed with the food of heaven, weariness of soul and emotional strain broken off, muscles relaxing and finding new strength.

Break off stress of the last season, warfare, financial strain. Let the rest of the Holy Spirit overwhelm you. Pray in the spirit. The river of refreshing, the strength of His presence, sickness removed, sleep well, stomach and nerves: be quiet and still, be balanced. The peace of God, the shalom of God come upon you now. Worry and fear of the future: off of you. The weapon formed against you has been withdrawn. No weapon formed against you will prosper. I bind stress and disease. Spirit of God touch this person. The rain of God’s zoe is coming now. Angels are coming to minister. Power of disease is broken. I call forth the life of God into them. Devourer, the curse is gone. I declare a supernatural reprieve. The ambush has been thwarted .

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