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Vision Shift

chuckpierceby Chuck Pierce
Glory of Zion Int’l
Watchman Intercessory Assembly, April 2010
Held at Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

When Chuck visited in February he picked up a spiritual force that was hindering. He didn’t know if it was just CI. He felt it was linked with the prophetic movement for the future. When he returned home, he began to intercede for CI. He does not see that force now in April.

This Is A New Season
Heaven and earth are beginning to touch in a new way. We’re always asking God to open the heavens. He believes there is a supernatural interaction that’s going on now in the heavenlies. And yet, in the midst of it, there’s still darkness. But, the revelatory power of God is coming down to where we (personally and corporately) are. Thank Him for this new revelation. Chuck believes you can SEE in this season IF you want to SEE.

Warfare of this season
It’s a “Vision Shift.” Doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you’re going through a vision shift. Vision is linked with “seeing what you need to see.” His wife’s book, Simplicity, is about how anxiety can keep you from seeing what you need to see.

We’re seeing a new heaven, things moving forward. AND We’re seeing the earth having to make a realignment.

God created the heaven”s” and the earth. There’s more than one heaven. God is aligning the heavens, but the “aligner” is you. Heaven is coming down through YOU and it’s affecting the earth. All around the world we’re hearing about the winds blowing and the earth shaking, but in the midst of it, you are the “divine connector.”

What is being aligned? – get this and watch for it.
#1 Worship Shift from individual to corporate

  • The Tabernacle of David is being restored. In every generation, God wants to restore this tabernacle.  We’re coming into a new dimension of worship, where a “city of worshipers” are arising.
  • So – we are the divine connector AND the city of worshipers.  We’re moving FROM individual TO corporate expression. This is difficult for us, because we “like ourselves.” We like to be ministered to, we like to have attention, and we like what we’re about. God is moving us into a season where we must move corporately.
  • You must know your “tribe.” You must know the people you flow with or are connected with you. You must know how to worship the sound of heaven through your redemptive gift.
  • David illegally violated the word when he set up the Tabernacle, but God blessed it. Be careful you’re not too rigid looking at things going into this new season or you will miss the pattern that God is creating. He removed the veil before the veil had been ripped. David had gone up into heaven and seen a pattern and said, “This IS what God will be recreating.


  • WORSHIP! The Tabernacle of David for this Generation is being RESTORED!
  • WAR! The Will of Heaven is OVERPOWERING the headship of the god of this world.
  • CONNECT! The Generations are ALIGNING! Apostolic/Prophetic structures are Shifting! Repositioning of Relationships is occurring!
  • TIME!: Our Day is Being REORDERED! [Just today I recalled that God walked with Adam and Eve in the “cool of the day.” Rather than walk in the sun, where I get heat rash, walk in the early evening, which is actually the beginning of the day.]
  • CHANGE! Our PAST is submitting to our FUTURE! If we SUBMIT, our latter will be greater than our …

This is where our warfare comes in. We are seeing patterns in the heavens.

LOOK UP into the heavens.
GET UN-earthbound.
SEE what God is doing.
WALK into it.
SPEAK it into the earth.

You are speaking forth your future right now. That’s why the prophetic is so important going into this season. You are speaking your future forth. What you speak is creating the atmosphere that these things will manifest in these next 10 years.

#2 WAR!

  • War is changing. Warfare in the earth is changing. Our intercessions have been causing what has been ruling us in the heavenlies to be pushed in right before us.
  • The more you pray, the more you are pushing, bringing the glory of God down on top of the enemies. So, the minute your enemy manifests in front of you, you’ve already won! You don’t EVER have to back up from your enemy. ONCE YOU SEE THAT ENEMY, IT’S YOURS!  Because God has pressed that enemy into a manifestation in your atmosphere, YOU have dominion over it.
  • This is how we see “Thy Kingdom come.” Once it’s manifested in your atmosphere, you sphere of authority, you have authority over it!
  • The more you ascend in worship, the more you want to worship, the more you go up into the heavenlies in worship, the more you push the enemies that would stop you from seeing the glory of God into your sight. The minute you discern the enemy, you already have VICTORY over that enemy.
  • When we’re in warfare, and decide we want to back up from that warfare or decide we don’t want to “decode” the warfare we’re in, that’s when we’re on the verge of winning. That’s what the enemy tries to convince us to do.
  • David took out the enemy, Goliath, using this technique. Read Barbara Yoder’s book on Taking Out the Enemy. Goliath created an atmosphere of Israel’s words, saying they would lose the battle and what he was going to do to them. When David arrived he wondered what he was listening to there. He came from a different place than that atmosphere. That’s why we have to be on the move!
  • This is why when Chuck came to Florida; he could SEE the demons in Florida. Sharon Stone, from CI, will come over to Denton, Texas next week, and she’ll walk in and say, “I hear this. I see this.” That’s why you have to come to certain gatherings just to get out from under what what’s over you and let the Lord speak to you. So when we go home, we “see” differently.

#3 CONNECTIONS with Relationships
This is very important for us.

#4 TIME:
God is realigning our clocks. Some used to be morning persons, now they’re night. God might be waking you up at 3AM. Good book: Reordering Your Day, explains why you’re being called to that time and what you’ll be addressing.


  • We’re seeing our past submit to our future. You just can’t go back in the past.  That’s SPIRITISM! When he’s talking about “reconciling the past,” your past tries to control your future. History DOES try to repeat itself. This is called “The Mystery of Iniquity.”
  • Time is a circle. So what God is doing is bringing things in your past, at the right moment, into your future and setting them right in front of you. He is saying, “If YOU will deal with this now, even though grandpa, and great-great grandpa did it, if you will deal with it or reconcile this, I’ll unlock the blessings that never got unlocked 120 years ago.” That’s how it works.
  • You’re not actually going INTO your past. Your past is brought in and the moment you reconcile it, your future opens up. This is a PHENOMENAL  GRACE, UNDERSTANDING you get when all of a sudden God says, “Let’s deal with that that Grandpa Joe did.” God throws that in front of you and then YOU get all of Grandpa Joe’s blessings.
  • You can get the entire blessing of a TERRITORY that got locked up because of iniquity that one generation did in a territory. When you take authority over that iniquity that has affected the ground, all of a sudden that whole territory, the atmosphere changes and the ground gives up its resources.
  • God showed this to Chuck early in his life. He showed the iniquity and how it came in to the bloodline. He also showed Chuck two iniquities that would try to come on future generations that his children would have to overcome. He interceded for the next generation and two others to follow BECAUSE HE’D ALREADY SEEN IT! (Remember you have dominion over what the Lord shows you.) We want to think our kids are perfect, but that’s unrealistic.
  • Chuck might overcome an iniquity in his bloodline, and it’s weakened and he has revelation over it, it doesn’t mean it’s eradicated from his bloodline. Because the “mystery of iniquity” can work in the bloodline for 4 generations.  Because he’s weakened it, it’s easier for the next generation to overtake it. Ex. David almost overtook Rahab’s iniquity. He should have gone out to war in the Spring when kings go to war. He wouldn’t have sinned with Bathsheba. When he didn’t enter into his next war season, his eyes drifted away in passivity and he fell to the iniquity of the past generations.
  • Chuck believes if we don’t stay in war, …. Kings go to war in the spring. Apostolic leaders MUST get their war strategy in the Spring. Otherwise, the open the door to iniquities to manifest that have not been fully eradicated in their sphere of authority. It’s very important that we go FROM war TO war. From victory to victory.
  • This season… our last warfare is ending. You’re ready for your next war. Even if you don’t see it, step in and get new vision of where you are now, you’d look at it differently and know how to wipe it out. And then you’re ready for your next war.
  • Remember: you war to enter into REST! You can’t get into rest without war. When you worship, you are already ascending above anything down here that’s warring against you. Say, “I’m going up!” We can’t go AGAINST until we go UP.


The symbol for this year (and the whole decade)
Remember this symbol is for the next 10 years.  It means you are reaching up into heaven, God is bringing down a sword, creating new intersections in your life. BUT it’s not just about heaven coming down to you, the GROUND starts bubbling up and GIVING up what’s been held in it.You’re going to deal with iniquity that’s still in the ground that has a right to war when you walk out in this atmosphere.

If there is bloodshed in the ground, if there has been immorality in your bloodline or in your region, if there is covenant breaking, there is a governmental rule in your region. That goes into the ground. God-robbing goes into the atmosphere.  Even if people worship, but rob God, that spirit begins to rule in that region. That soaks into the ground and that’s why the blood can speak from the ground.

God comes down from heaven and intersects with you. All of a sudden you feel something stirring in you. You don’t know why you’re praying or travailing. You want to eat when the Lord says fast. It’s the ground shaking because you’re about to win the war over that iniquity. When you walk out there, the spiritual forces in your atmosphere have to let go. Why? Because there’s GLORY coming down through you, through your feet. [wow] Maybe God is sending you on a mission to the mall – where poverty was working, because of your intercession, people start to buy things. THAT’S how these mountains change. These mountains change because you walk into them. You release the word of the Lord.

This is a 10-year season of SEEING.

It’s also a season of the spring in the earth bubbling up.
 “Blood” and “Earth” are the same words in Hebrew. Therefore, the Spirit of God, flowing through your blood, is causing your spring to bubble up. We’re going to get baptized again! We’re coming into a new baptism. Yesterday he started to get revelation after revelation of where he’s to go and what he’s to do. He couldn’t break into that UNTIL he got to Florida! That’s why we must understand how the Lord is moving us around and connecting us so we can hear clearly.

We MUST be prophetic in this season.
This sword from heaven is coming down and cutting loose things in us that had us bound from the last season.  [turnaround time] Grief, traumas, defeats, mistakes are getting cut off of us. Immediately we have revelation how we stepped into that pit. [steroid lie, yesterday’s revelation on closet doors] Now we see how to sidestep it going into your future.

The WORD of God is coming down to us. We’re hearing in a different dimension. We’re hearing so that we can speak in our future in a new dimension.

The Soul & Spirit!
Spirit                                                      Sword cutting                    Soul

“New Creature in Jesus”                     through the 2                    Open to temptation from flesh                
Fellowship w/ Him

Hebrews 4:12 The Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword… piercing to the division of soul and spirit….

When he got to CI in February, CI represents a prophetic portal, he didn’t have any problem hearing God. After worship when he got up to speak it was as if there was a dark force. When he would speak what God was saying, he saw this dark force like a vacuum, suck up the word.  The word couldn’t get rooted in the people. The people weren’t hearing what God was saying prophetically.  He and Jane broke through in intercession and it caused the black force to back off from robbing the word of God.  The people were losing sight of their prophetic call, not from what was prophesied, but where they were going in the future.  PROPHETIC UTTERANCE PRODUCES VISION. It was trying to rob the Vision of God’s prophetic people for the future.  Yes this is a well-known prophetic portal, so Chuck assumed it was a world-known principality that was saying “this is what I’m going to do to the prophetic utterance of the future. I will wait until you’ve heard God speak, but then I will interact in the atmosphere to create confusion so that the people can’t manifest what God is speaking as you go into the next season.” Chuck left and spent a month in intercession over this portal. They got some incredible revelation. It was linked with Mammon, an occult spirit in the region that was empowering it that went back to a Masonic-type blood sacrifice.

Once you see it, (and he didn’t say anything in February – why? Because it wasn’t for anyone at CI to deal with.) CHUCK saw it. God said, you deal with it.

As intercessors, we can’t get irked. We want somebody else to deal with it, but God says it’s yours demon to deal with. The Lord told Chuck to deal with it on Jane and Tom’s behalf. Again, when you see a demon, it’s yours. Even if you see it in somebody else, God is letting you see it. So you have the ability to run the thing off. It’s a FORCE.

When you see it, you have to decode what’s making it operable. What’s giving it might? A curse cannot light. It can’t attach. It doesn’t mean that it’s not sent against you. Unless you give it a cause, it doesn’t have the right to hit on you unless you get defeated, or weary, or fall into temptation and open the door.

Once you have vision of a spiritual force that’s stopping you, you need to ask the Lord, “What is that that’s hindering me?”  (Paul in Thessalonians “Do you not know what’s opposing you?) What if your position in worship is to see the opposing forces that’s trying to stop you from prospering?

This is a Season of Cleansing
Where the open heaven sends a sword that separates us from the issues of the past, that sword is cleansing our atmosphere. You’ll see that things are clearer. It’s because you had a divine meeting and moved forward.

~~~ At this point, Barbara Yoder got up with a prophetic word. There continued a prophetic exchange that was quite impressive!

Barbara Yoder
She interrupted Chuck. As he was speaking, the Lord gave her a vision. There’s a land issue, protected by an occult spirit. They’ll see it in the next 9 months with the anointing to deal with it. It’s hidden in the high places. Sees a blood sacrifice. Welcomed the angelic army sent to deal with it.

Chuck again
Watchmen see God and also see the enemy stand in between. Those here at this conference are being trained to SEE. Chuck spoke to Jane Hamon, pastor over the church. It was a murder of someone over debt and robbing. If God brought you to CI and this conference, He brought you into dealing with this ruling spirit over debt.

So decode the debt and the debt structure of the region, get the victory and anytime someone walks into this place, they’ll get the strategy to set them free of debt that’s ruling them.

Barbara Yoder again
The enemy has released a spirit of infirmity in this region. And when it’s uncovered, it will release an anointing for cancers healed. God is going to establish key places where the demonic structure entrenched in the territory will be defeated. When that starts, begin holding healing services, because healing is going to break forth as well as a release of finances. What the enemy has tried to steal will be restored and you’ll be able to build again.

Chuck again
If you are in debt as a result of a sickness or infirmity, stand. Others stood around them to pray for revelation on how to break out of infirmity and then see their debts cancelled. The infirmity is from Mammon through debt. The atmosphere of faith that was sucked out is being rebuilt into this place. The Lord said the enemy is creating smoke screens to cut the power of God in our lives. He cut it off.  You’re feeling a whirling anointing in the Blood.

Barbara Yoder again
This is your day of advancement. We say the portals of revelation are opening now.  Loosed the miraculous delivering power anointing on debt and especially on the church. The Blood of Passover will not lose its power.  The Lord said He’s going to cleanse the bloodline.  This is breakthrough time.

Chuck again
We’re breaking out from under this. It’s been warring with the faith, our faith. The voice of faith is rising up over this spiritual force.

Somebody committed suicide in this area because of their debt. [that’s my dad] It was like a sacrifice to the enemy. It was over a broken covenant. If you have suicide in your blood strain, God wants it broken off of you.  It goes back 6 generations and I’m going to deliver you now with the grace of freedom from that spiritual force of defeat [thought of Dad, John’s failed business, David’s failed business] We command that spirit of defeat off of us.

Pray for understanding when you go into an area to see what’s holding prosperity back. Ask the Lord to show you what must be delivered.  You’ll see an immediate change and an increase of 30%.


When you’re approaching Pentecost, read the book of Joel. It WAS prophesied…  and it began to manifest.  That’s how portals work. What WAS prophesied came down into the earth realm.  It manifested and every generation has access to it. Don’t ever buy into the lie that it ceased. It’s all working on MY behalf. You can cut off any blessing you want through unbelief. Say ALL are ready to work on my behalf.  The promises of God are yes and amen!

Chuck’s war with infirmity was because of a broken, wounded spirit. Grit your teeth and say you’re not taking me out. I’ll die when God says. Back off. Come out of my cells, every trauma linked with it, everything linked with my family, anything hidden in my cells, manifest so I can see you and then cast it out of you!

Barbara Yoder again
Heard the Lord say there’s a reordering, a restructuring of relationships around you – and those for the ministry – not for destruction, but for advancement.  For everyone, don’t resist because it’s uncomfortable. Believe God for grace to do it. As He does it, there’s a new alignment coming, a stirring, a new movement of the army to move forward. It’s not the same order as the last season. Be willing to bite the bullet. There’s a new prophetic anointing to be released. There’s a new thrust. For years you’ve been told that you were going to be brought before people and you say it can’t be so. As you reorder relationships, reorder for advancement, there’s a new support structure that will cause you to lurch forward. It’s not a step forward, it’s a leap forward. As you leap, you will rip the shroud that has been around and over you. the shroud is embedded with fear that’s linked with death. The Titanic of the past 20 years has sunk. It’s over with, done with and God is moving us into a brand new phase. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of losing your position. You’re losing it to advance you. God will propel me forward with new zeal and passion.

Back to Chuck with his final exhortation:

  • Say “I’m off that Titantic and in the Life Boat and rowing to shore.”
  • Get healed from that past trauma.
  • Start speaking in a new way until you break through into a new day.
  • Shout “Yahweh is GOD!”
  • Where we’re headed to is like where Joel prophesied into the land. Heaven’s coming down. You’re the divine connector. Start prophesying into the ground. It’ll cause every structure to shake. When the ground shakes, everything of iniquity or wrong in the structure will begin to shake. That’s how transformation comes.
  • Study the 4 locusts in Joel. The land had been devastated by what was released in the atmosphere. Blow a trumpet! Announce decay is going to reverse.
  • Watchmen announce the reversal. See. Address what you’re seeing. If you don’t, it will trail around behind you. GET THAT! Watchmen see demons. Demons say “maintain in your traumas.” We AREN’T going to do that! It’s Pentecost. Revelation is going to break open and break open.
  • Joel was saying, the land CAN rejoice. Blow the trumpet. Announce to the land, “fear must leave.” All 4 stages of judgment from the past season went into restoration. God doesn’t want us to stay under judgment! Announce restoration is coming.  Even storehouses will be rebuilt.
  • Sound the alarm on the mountain, shake the earth into a new joy (worship), know that God will come down and be zealous for us, the land and new wine will start coming forth.  New grain. New oil. Children whose mouths were shut up will begin to prophesy. Even those who work for us will prophesy.
  • 12 trumpets were up there… a new government. First sound to the ground. Fear is coming off the bottom of my feet. When I step on the land, faith is going to rise up every where I go. Shout! And fear will make way and go! Next blow for restoration and heavens open and decree prophetic words spoken in the past will now come down to us. Shout up into the atmosphere. A new administration in God’s prophetic plan for our lives. Say NEW ORDER! Give a shout of victory for the days ahead.
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