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Strategic Studies

Discover what others have gained through their years of ministry, study, and practice. I have found that those who have gone before me, blaze a trail of learning, understanding, knowledge and wisdom. My thinking and practice of what I’ve learned set me on top of their shoulders and help me pass it on to others. I hope that these studies enrich your soul (mind, will and emotions) and your spirit as much as they have mine. ~ Mary

lexiconBook Summaries

There are some books you just can’t put down and when you’re finished, you sit back and say, “WOW!” These authors have literally changed my spiritual life and walk. My book summaries are my gift to you.

lectureLecture Notes

I have attended some life-changing conferences and have heard several sermons and exhortations that have literally transformed my thinking. These pearls of wisdom from great preachers past and present will hopefully touch you as well.

booksWord Studies

What’s in a word? To me, when I read the Scriptures or while in prayer, sometimes a word will stick out. I get a nudge that I need to really look that one up. I have found that definitions and Hebrew or Greek gives much greater revelation.

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