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butterflyToday, women all around the world are entering into a vibrant and dynamic role in the body of Christ. The Bride is emerging. Women are arising and shining. This website is dedicated to you and your growth and the generations to follow. My goal is to share what I’ve discovered in my walk with the Lord and perhaps point you to what lies ahead for my life and yours “in Him” ~ Mary Puplava, Editor

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I am inspired when I study the Word and specifically study Hebrew and Greek meanings in Scripture. What a blessing it is today to have teachers with great insight and authors who have a “now” word. That’s what Strategic Studies is all about.

Book Summaries  |  Lecture Notes  |  Word Studies


Nature Walks
Step into my personal journal in this blog. My nature/prayer walks with the Lord have been very illuminating. They stretch my spirit as well as exercise my bones! You’ll also find inspiration on a variety of topics all gleaned from the inside while being outside.

My Daughter
These posts are direct words I have received from the Lord. Usually they come in a moment of quiet after I’ve poured out my heart in my journal. The Holy Spirit prepares me when I hear Him say, “My Daughter…”

Inspirational Thoughts
Oftentimes I awake with a verse, a phrase, or a scripture on my heart. That’s what Inspiration is all about. At other times–when least expected–something pops up that really gets me thinking… and praying.

These posts are highlights of scriptures that jump off the page while reading the Word. They may be inspired by my digital clock when I awaken in the middle of the night or a scripture that comes to my mind “out of the blue.”

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