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Why I Pray and Why I Declare

Inspire Bible

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13 with what has become a universal prayer throughout the ages. We call it “The Lord’s Prayer”. I believe it was His encouragement to approach the throne of God with our heart’s desires…not only for ourselves, but also for others, for our government and nation, as well as the whole world. To me, it’s a matter of perspective–be it right in front of you or beyond your reach. All I know is this: GOD IS ALWAYS LISTENING and we can move His heart with our prayers.

As I have matured in my walk, spent years in the Word, and partnered with Holy Spirit when I feel that unction to pray, I am learning that as a daughter of the King, I have the opportunity to stand before His throne and make declarations based on His Word. I’m not “telling God what to do”. I am declaring Who He is, what He’s said, and establishing His word into my world. Further, I believe He has angels on assignment to make that declaration come to pass. The Word teaches us that Jesus and Holy Spirit always make intercession for us. What a privilege to partner with Them!

This August, a prayer partner suggested that we make declarations on Isaiah 40 for the month as there are 31 verses and 31 days. This page connects to those daily declarations.

Isaiah 40:1    Isaiah 40:2    Isaiah 40:3    Isaiah 40:4    Isaiah 40:5
Isaiah 40:6    Isaiah 40:7    Isaiah 40:8    Isaiah 40:9    Isaiah 40:10
Isaiah 40:11   Isaiah 40:12   Isaiah 40:13  Isaiah 40:14  Isaiah 40:15
Isaiah 40:16   Isaiah 40:17   Isaiah 40:18  Isaiah 40:19  Isaiah 40:20
Isaiah 40:21   Isaiah 40:22   Isaiah 40:23  Isaiah 40:24  Isaiah 40:25
Isaiah 40:26   Isaiah 40:27   Isaiah 40:28  Isaiah 40:29  Isaiah 40:30
Isaiah 40:31

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