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Lecture Notes

The articles below are based on lectures, conferences, and sermons I have enjoyed… so much so, that I just had to take notes! I hope you will glean the nuggets of wisdom from these powerful teachers. ~ Mary

What We Need Now More Than Ever is Wisdom by Jen Tringale. Terrific talk on Heaven’s Wisdom especially in light of our world’s confusion today.

A Season of Suddenly by Dutch Sheets. Dutch has a calling as a key intercessor for our nation as well as the church. This talk was given at the Watchmen Intercessors Assembly in April 2010. His talk was based on a dream. Very powerful.

Vision Shift by Chuck Pierce. This talk was given to the international intercessors assembly in April 2010. He has a key word for us for the decade ahead.

Shifting Into Reformation by Pastor/Prophet Jane Hamon. Jane identifies 12 key “shifts” we need to make to see His kingdom established here on earth.

Knowing Your True Identity by Graham Cooke. An excellent teaching on the difference of personality (how you are known on earth) and persona (how you are known in heaven).

Awakening in Our Day by Dutch Sheets. This revelation ties together our dream and our destiny with Genesis 28.

How We Operate In the Invisible Realm by Dutch Sheets. Great revelation on 5 key verses in Ephesians.

Contending for Our New Era These are notes from Dutch Sheets’ talk at Glory of Zion. 5 Statements or Decrees for the new era.

Brokenness– The Principle a short teaching by Charles Stanley

Risk it I had the opportunity to attend the Southern California School of the Supernatural in January 2010 in Poway, California. Prophetic Evangelist, Sean Smith was our guest speaker. His talk hit me straight in my heart. I’m including notes along with some final thoughts that you too will risk it!

Open Ended Worship I was particularly blessed to listen to Derek Prince’s weekly lectures. The following notes are from his 2-part series on “The Headship of Jesus” and builds on Acts 13. He emphasized that the growth of the Church recorded in Acts is a direct result from listening–and obeying–the Holy Spirit. This program appeared on December 17, 2009.

Basic Conditions to Hear From Jesus These statements were made by Derek Prince in his program about “The Headship of Jesus in Acts.” I felt these points were important enough to stand alone and are an extension of “Open Ended Worship.”

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