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Just Do It!

The Dream
I dreamed all night about a “road trip.” I was walking an unfinished road like a highway that’s been built and shaped before the pavement is applied. It was very muddy and the hills and curves were a challenge. I recall that I was hearing music throughout the trip. There were others on the road with me and all of us were trudging along at a fairly good pace. Read more

Overtake me, Lord!

I live in a very hilly development. Since beginning these walks the first of the year, I have been gradually increasing my endurance and my ability to attempt steep hills. Today I felt a great determination to conquer our steepest hill. I was only able to do it with my concentrated breathing, steadying my heart, and with a short time sitting on a rock. Read more

It’s Time for Isaiah 59

This morning I woke up at 2:59 and again at 5:59. I was intrigued in that it was a minute before the 4th watch began and a minute before the end of the 4th watch. I felt led to read Isaiah 59:1,2 Read more

Just a pebble, but in HIS hands!

rippleAs I was walking today and talking to the Lord, I asked Him what my little prayers could do. He showed me the ripple effect of a small pebble in a pond. None of us have any idea what the effect of one small prayer, spoken from a pure heart, could have on our personal, family, corporate or even national needs. Read more

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