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Just a pebble, but in HIS hands!

rippleAs I was walking today and talking to the Lord, I asked Him what my little prayers could do. He showed me the ripple effect of a small pebble in a pond. None of us have any idea what the effect of one small prayer, spoken from a pure heart, could have on our personal, family, corporate or even national needs. I was delighted when I received a confirmation from Shirley Weaver Ministries’ daily devotional which follows:

You’re the Man
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ezekiel distinguished corporate expression from an individual one—the entire nation is responsible before God for its call to perform uniquely among the nations; in the same way, a family expresses itself corporately yet the individual within a family is responsible on a personal level and is personally accountable to the Lord. The Son of God comes first to the individual, then to family or nation; He comes to the individual first, thereby gaining voice and entrance to the entire circle.

Who are you that the Lord would consider you? Why would He hear your prayer or consider your situation? What is the position He would give you to appeal to Him on any matter? These questions appear in Job, Hebrews and two psalms of David: What significance do you have as only one that heaven would consider you?

The answer—focusing upon YOU the Lord comes to deliver, to lift you up and out. Like a pebble breaking the water’s surface the ripple effect for those around you is significant but His focus begins with you. God created you for high purposes and is not keen on sharing you with anyone, though once He has you – really has you – He sends you to everyone. [Emphasis added.]

May HIS circle be unbroken! Hallelujah.  Amen. Ezekiel 18  , Luke 12 , You’re the man – Jeremiah 24:7
Ref: What is man? – Job 7:17; 15:14. Psalm 8:4; 144:3, Hebrews 2:7

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