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Isaiah 40-55 — You Are My Weapon

Sword-of-the-SpiritThis morning as I woke up, I heard the following:

YOU are My weapon.
YOU are My living word.
Arise and speak.
Shape your world
by the Word of God within you. Read more

John 16:33 — Be of Good Cheer!

All day I was troubled with someone’s possible loss, when with all my heart I thought the news would be the opposite. I prayed, I interceded, I pleaded, I cried. Finally, with a heavy heart, I decided to run an errand that would put me in my car for 40 minutes, listening to worship music. I continued to pray. Read more

Matthew 9:2 — Take Courage

Take Courage!Just before bed, as I was reading the Word, the phrase “take courage” in Matthew 9:2 really struck me and I looked up further passages. There are 7 occurrences in the New Testament. Read more

Genesis 41:50-52 — Being Fruitful in Forgetting

As I was reading my Word Study NASB, I was riveted with Genesis 48: 50-52. “Now before the year of famine, two sons were born to Joseph…” Heavens! Were they twins??? It doesn’t say they were born one year after the other. It says before the YEAR of famine. Even with twins, there’s a first-born and a second-born as we saw with Esau and Jacob. [I’ve sent a request to a rabbi to verify my suspicion.] Read more

Removing the Fox Fur

Removing the Fox FurAt the GPC Women’s Retreat, October 7th, Paula Friedrichsen had just finished her first session about “Coming Home.” She shared her testimony about the lie she’d bought that “He (God) was not to be trusted.” It directly addressed what the retreat committee had identified was the single most important issue to be dealt with. Read more

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