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Dream: Specialty Shoe Store

Special ShoesI awoke this morning from a dream.

I was visiting a specialty shoe store that had three separate rooms or stages. The First Room was the Reception or Waiting Room. It had a reception desk and a couch, chairs and tables like any regular reception. Read more

“Thanks Giving” Journal Notes

thankyouI woke up before the sun on Thanksgiving morning and knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. I woke up thankful and hungry for fellowship with the Lord. It’s been so hectic around my household with remodeling and finally moving everything back to its place. I’ve had my morning quiet time, but it’s been busy and purposeful rather than relaxing and “You-oriented.” So, I thought, why not get up. Light the outdoor fire, grab a blanket and spend some time with You.” Read more

It’s Time For The Reserves

Master Sargent Stripes

Our Master is calling for His Reserves to arise and join the ranks. It’s war!

As I awoke this morning, I heard “It’s time for the reserves.” I immediately thought of emotional reserves, physical reserves, financial reserves, time reserves and of course the army reserves. I then heard “No reservations. No indecisions. No hesitations.” And finally I heard, “No reservation required.” And then, “As many who were willing gave.” Read more

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