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Dream: Specialty Shoe Store

Special ShoesI awoke this morning from a dream.

I was visiting a specialty shoe store that had three separate rooms or stages. The First Room was the Reception or Waiting Room. It had a reception desk and a couch, chairs and tables like any regular reception. Behind the reception desk was a glass wall separating it from the next room

The Second Room was an elegant parlor. It was beautifully appointed with lovely antiques along the wall with fresh flowers and paintings. It also had another couch with two chairs and a small table. However, this furniture was placed with its back to the reception area. The visitor’s view sitting in this parlor was a beautiful walled rose garden with a fountain. This garden was also behind a large glass window. I was sitting in the reception (First Room) and observed a couple sitting in the Parlor (Second Room).

I saw a door to the left into a Third Room. Above it was a sign that read “Consultation Room.” Individuals sitting in the Parlor were then called into the Third Room to meet with the Shoe Specialist. This room was heavily draped with a view of the garden and a gorgeous crystal chandelier and wall sconces. The chairs were exquisite with beautiful fabric and trim. There was wallpaper on the walls and a tea-table set up with a coffee and tea set and a petit fors tray. THIS was the room you were interviewed to ascertain need, type, use, and given recommendations for your new shoes.

My Interpretation
I believe this dream has to do with ministry and the gifts you “walk in.” It was an honor just to have an appointment in this specialty shoe boutique. Each room seemed to emphasize a growth phase. You were treated like royalty in all three rooms and yet you were not in charge. Instead of being a shopper or “seeker of shoes,” you were sought out and selected to receive these very special shoes, tailor-made and designed just for your feet. No one else could wear your personal shoes.

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