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Prayer in Motion

I woke up today with a song:

Pray when you’re sitting.
Pray when you’re standing.
Pray when you wash dishes.
Pray when you sit on a swing.

Wherever you are, doing anything.
Prayer is the key–just the thing.

Proverbs 24:10 — Distress

I like to read the Proverb of the day. There is always a word or a verse that gets my curiosity. This morning, it was Proverbs 24:10– If you are slack in the day of distress, Your strength is limited. Read more

Hear My Heartbeat

blanketI was having a particularly tough day this morning. I had a lot of people on my heart for prayer. I had three workmen in my home before 10:00 AM and then was asked to give someone a ride to a meeting. I had exactly 30 minutes before I was to leave. I sat in my “praying/listening” chair in my office and covered myself with a rainbow blanket (representing covenant) that some lady-friends had given me just the day before. I breathed out and then sighed. Read more

What’s YOUR Story?

The following is my New Year’s Message I gave to my children along with the CD, “The Story”

The StoryEvery now and then, new music impacts me to my core.  I can’t get the songs out of my mind.  They swirl around and dance in my spirit and finally make their way into my heart.  I begin to hum a song in the car or wake up with a snippet in the morning.  This CD album is what has impacted me most this year. Read more

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