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Hear My Heartbeat

blanketI was having a particularly tough day this morning. I had a lot of people on my heart for prayer. I had three workmen in my home before 10:00 AM and then was asked to give someone a ride to a meeting. I had exactly 30 minutes before I was to leave. I sat in my “praying/listening” chair in my office and covered myself with a rainbow blanket (representing covenant) that some lady-friends had given me just the day before. I breathed out and then sighed.

Placing my hands on my belly, I invited the Holy Spirit to fill me. Quietly I reminded the Lord of all the people and situations on my heart and just went quiet, practicing stillness… and then He spoke…. or rather sang! “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!” I began to giggle and the joy started bubbling up. I think that was the whole plan! And then we had the following conversation:

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary.” Oh, Lord! I’m sorry! Why contrary? “In your thinking” What way? “You’re not thinking My thoughts?” What are You thinking? “Listen for My heart beat.” I was quiet for a while and then I said, souls? “Yes, souls, but more.” What, Lord? “Spirits.”

I knew what He meant. Saving souls is important, but this year, I believe He wants me to grow up in my spirit-man with particular emphasis on the fruit of the Holy Spirit. And where I can have an effect on lives around me, concentrate on that area as well. Just for fun: Here’s a YouTube video of the song He gave me.

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