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What We Need Now More Than Ever is Wisdom

Teaching Notes from Jen Tringale 
Oasis Church, Sunday 8-2-2020

Mary’s Thoughts

Jen began with this statement, “What used to be normal has crumbled under our feet in the United States.” Indeed, our world has turned upside down in the wake of this pandemic. Over these past five months the rug has been pulled out from under us and it’s not going to improve any time soon. So what do we do about it? I believe Jen Tringale has some real “wisdom” to share with us.

Heaven’s wisdom is looking for more real estate
in your heart right now.
 [See Proverbs 8:1-4 and 22-31]

Jen TringaleWisdom has a voice.
Doesn’t wisdom call? Wisdom was set up before the beginning, when the heavens were established. Wisdom is a Master Worker and He delights in His greatest creation: us.

Wisdom is asking, “Could I find voice through you?”
There are no boundaries for wisdom. We can be its instrument in today’s zoom calls, chat rooms, Facetime with family, phone calls with friends who are on the edge. The born again are made to work with Him. Everyone is looking for answers.

Where do we find wisdom?
Wisdom is found in the place of pausing to listen. You have to push past “the loudest and quickest” voice to hear its wisdom. Wisdom expects us to bend our ear—to strain to listen. It is the “way forward” for all our issues.

Jen told a story of a megachurch pastor and wife with several real estate properties. He passed away and his wife was overwhelmed, with so many issues and decisions. The Holy Spirit spoke to her, “You don’t have to make one decision.” What?!*? “Don’t you know that My Wisdom has already decided everything for you? All you have left to do is choose to do today what I already decided for you yesterday and you’ll walk in the benefits of it tomorrow.”

The world is looking for “the wisdom of the ages”. It’s good to learn from the past. It can give us information. To pull on Heaven’s Wisdom doesn’t negate that information, but it’s higher. It sits above and looks over the expanse of the wisdom of the ages. The ages, at its best, can only tell us where we have been. Heaven’s Wisdom knows the end from the beginning.

Wisdom is in the Higher Place
There is a wisdom that sits above. It’s complete, sure, sound, and it gives you your true north. It won’t dissipate. It’s the KNOW-HOW. It includes knowledge. Wisdom can’t exist without knowledge. The world says to us believers, we’re just sticking our heads in the sand, ignoring reality—no common sense. (1 Cor 2:6-7) Wisdom takes into account all of the pieces of information and draws out of it the “collective good”, the “highest way forward.” Wisdom gives us fail-proof, way-forward, infallible advice. We “lift” that information up to the voice of Wisdom. We choose to live from the Kingdom of God that is above all principalities, powers, dominions, viruses. It’s proven. Sure.

Wisdom gives us God’s best way.
Wisdom is the ability to devise the perfect ends, to achieve those ends, by a perfect means. Wisdom is the power to SEE and the inclination to CHOOSE the best way forward. The bottom line is, wisdom is the will of God for us.

Our God is called “The All-Wise God”. He knows everything about everything. He is Omniscient. This undergirds wisdom. He takes all our circumstances—past, present, and future and plots the wisdom needed for today from “the end of the road”.

Wisdom needs a conduit.
We must make room to hear Wisdom’s voice in the days ahead—zoom, online, calls, board rooms, business meetings—decisions, plans needed. Will you be that voice? Sit quietly. “Oh, Wisdom, let me go beyond the shallow place and discern Your wisdom.” Ask Him to help you listen. It will sustain us AND stretch us to become all God wills for us. “We are living in a moment we have sought, sang about, and talked about when the world is looking for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.”

Jen’s caution:

“Whatever Wisdom has told you thus far,
don’t you back off of it. Don’t you shy away from it.
Don’t you feel inferior.”

Even if what Wisdom is telling you to do doesn’t line up with the new norms, or the system, or new culture. Don’t you back down, feel inferior, or second-guess what Wisdom already gave you and stabilized you with in the first place. Hold fast to that. If you wrote it down, you pull those words out again and hold them in front of your face. And if you need to, take those words back to Wisdom and say, “Father, this was the last thing Your Wisdom said to me. Do you have anything else You want to add on to it today?” If you do this, Wisdom will get you through your moment.

Wisdom is activating our capacity, our potential. Live from the “expected results” of Jesus’ completed actions. That is the life of FAITH in the Kingdom of God! Expect the results. Be someone—the person others come to you. Spirit of wisdom, a spirit of revelation, will stretch you and soar you. Expand Church! We are a valuable asset.

Make your decisions based on what Wisdom is saying. Fear and stress make people weird. Wisdom compels you to walk with these stressed out, fearful people and come out on the other side. Wisdom is at our finger tips for all we need.

1 John 4:4 (The Mirror Bible)
My darling children, you have nothing to fear; do not doubt for a moment the legitimacy of your sonship! You originate in God and have already conquered the worldly religious system because of the unveiling of Christ in you! His living presence in you is far superior to the futile anti-Christ mindsets present in the world!

We are NOT alone. Wisdom will always point to the better way. Lift your eyes and lift your ears.

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