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My Daughter ~ A New, New, New Beginning

I wrote in my journal breakfast of kings and then Breakfast with The King. What’s the scripture for today, Lord? I heard, “John 3:16”. I know that! I know You love me! “No. Read it.” Read more

My Daughter ~ My Pleasure

dragonflyIt was the afternoon break and I had such a delightful time with the Lord about the dragonfly. A beautiful dragonfly had passed me and floated around me for awhile. I ran in to get my camera. I said, “Lord, make him stop!” as I wanted to get a picture. Read more

My Daughter ~ Our Song

songContinuing at the conference at Christian International in the worship leader, Dean Mitchum’s class, we were to come forward first and sing a verse from the Psalms. That wasn’t so bad. I chose Psalm 86:4… my favorite. Read more

My Daughter ~ Nothing is Impossible

I was so stirred up from the conference, that I couldn’t sleep. I continued journaling and seeking the Lord. Again, He spoke to my heart:

Dearest Daughter Mary,

My daughter, you have been living two lives: One on the earth in your flesh and the other in the heavenlies. It is time that you have a truer revelation of Who I am. Read more

My Daughter ~ Have No Fear

I had just gotten back from the evening session of the conference at Christian International. The activation session required us to ask the Lord to uncover hidden fears. As we began the exercise, I had two obvious ones in my mind. Read more

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