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My Daughter ~ My Pleasure

dragonflyIt was the afternoon break and I had such a delightful time with the Lord about the dragonfly. A beautiful dragonfly had passed me and floated around me for awhile. I ran in to get my camera. I said, “Lord, make him stop!” as I wanted to get a picture. Believe it or not, it came back and sat on top of my ring for a good amount of time so I could get a good look at it. I went back to my journal thanking the Lord:

So often I feel You send the hummingbirds to me – for my delight and admiration. I never tire watching this marvel of Your creation. It’s as if You’re saying, “See, Mary, how much I love beauty? I love creating it.  AND THEN!

My Daughter,

I love sharing it with you. I delight in your delight. Your pleasure is My pleasure. Recall when hotel people or switchboard people reply with, “my pleasure”? Isn’t it gracious? Don’t you feel like royalty, a queen, when they reply to you like that? It is because they treat you special. You feel special because of their acknowledgment and their service to you. You get the feeling they live to do your pleasure.

That’s what it’s like for you and I and with My children. It truly does “go both ways” as the saying goes. It is My pleasure to serve you with beauty, with favor, with good things, with rewards, with loving people.

I love My creation and I love your appreciation of My work. You are My work just as the trees, the flowers, the critters, the sunsets, your flowers, the hummers, and the dragonflies.

You please Me. You don’t need to worry about pleasing anyone else. I know your heart, Mary. You want to please people and you want to know that they are pleased by what you do and say. But this could also be your area of wounding. You will have to be very transparent with Me in the days ahead. Run to me and climb up on My lap and we’ll talk about it. One day, you won’t have to run to Me. You’ll just have to check your heart and you’ll know how I would have you respond.

Yes, I heard you call that driver a jerk, who pulled in front of you. And yes, I heard you call that motorcycle rider a jerk for throwing the plastic water bottle on the highway. You caught yourself after the first one and confessed it. The second one you didn’t say, but you thought it.

But, Mary dear, I also heard you cry out to Me for help. You recognize that this is a fallen world and there are many unsaved people. You know how to love the unlovely, but I’m going to show you a more perfect way. My way. In the days ahead I’m going to give you scriptures and allegories. Write them down as they will be revelation for others.

Just as you were taught today, there are Pharisees and unsaved ones even in My church. I haven’t given up on them, so neither should you. Begin to quietly offer up a prayer of blessing (yes, you remember my servant Kameron’s talk about  being angry with his wife… bless her, bless Susie, bless my wife, bless Susie’s life and on and on).

All are called to intercession, Mary, but your call will be a little different because out of that intercession will come revelation and teaching. Yes, teaching, instruction, exhortation, comfort, and most importantly, edification for spirit, soul and body.

Do not despise the small beginnings. Rejoice with Me in your service to Me and My little ones. You almost wrote “people” didn’t you? Well, you all are my “Little Ones – My Children.”

There, that thought, you caught it. Good! Yes, you are a mother in My Kingdom. But, between you and Me, You are still My little one. I treasure you. You are My treasure. It is My pleasure to delight your eyes with My beautiful creation.”

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