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My Daughter ~ Our Song

songContinuing at the conference at Christian International in the worship leader, Dean Mitchum’s class, we were to come forward first and sing a verse from the Psalms. That wasn’t so bad. I chose Psalm 86:4… my favorite. Then the class was to line up with a mike and sing a song of the Lord, within a category of prophecy, adoration, as Bridegroom, as Bride, deliverance or song of war. I wasn’t as close to the front as before. When I was about 4 people from singing, my heart began to literally pound to the beat played by the worship team. It was pump, pump, pump. Like I could actually feel it outside my body. I had been praying in the Spirit the whole time. I was about the 10th person and felt the song well up in me as it was my turn. I actually turned and faced the crowd lined up behind me and sang:

Can you hear the beat?
Can you hear the beat of My heart?
Is your heart beating too?

Let us beat together in time.
See your feet?
They want to move.
They want to move to My beat.

It’s time.
It’s time to move your feet.
It’s time to move to the beat of My heart.
It’s time to take your feet and My beat to the street.

The Lord spoke to my heart:

My Daughter,

This is only the beginning. For you sure did hear the beat of My heart! It was for you and for all who heard our song.

[I wanted to write “My” song, but felt the Lord corrected me to “our.”]

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