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Home Base and Call Unto Me

birdsongIt was a beautiful morning and the urge to walk was strong. At first I just wanted to thank and praise the Lord. Half-way through my walk I wanted to be quiet before Him. I found a quiet bench in the neighborhood playground and sat quietly, waiting. The silence was peaceful, but then I began to hear the hidden sounds.


I heard wings flapping near me, but maintained my quiet position and focused on the hawk’s cry far off in the distance. And then I heard the flapping sound again and turned to my left. I saw this large shrub shaped like an umbrella with branches low to the ground. At first I only saw one little sparrow, but soon there were 5 or 6 hopping around. Some came out from under the bush and some went back and forth. One flew from the opposite side of the playground. Obviously, it was “home base” for this group of birds and perhaps even protection from the hawk that was near.

The scripture, “…how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…” [Mt. 23:37] came to me. My heart responded with, “You, Father, are my home base. Help me always to check in with you first when I begin my day. I will emerge with adventure and strength and curiosity for what my day will bring as long as I venture out with Your watchful eye upon me.”


Secondly, I heard a bird’s song from out in the field next to the playground. It was a lovely trill, like “ti-ti-ti-tata-teet.” A few moments later I heard a second bird repeating the call with a small variation, “ti-ti-ti-tatata-teet.” They did this 3 times and then silence. I heard the second bird call out again, but there was no reply.

I heard, “Hear Me when I call.” and “When you call, I will answer.” [Zec. 13:9] I felt Your nearness, Lord, as well as Your desire to interact. May our songs join in symphony!

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