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My Daughter, I Am Your Teacher

For the last couple of days of this new year, I have been praying for others. In one prayer, I asked the Lord to “electrify” someone close to me. As I journaled my thoughts, the Lord spoke to me.

My Daughter,

Much is needful in others, but the most important needs are you and Me.  This is a time for extreme closeness, for intimacy, and intensity of our passions.

I want to pour more in you. I want you to come alive with My power, My grace, My thoughts.  No, you’re not going back into the cave.  These walks are very important for you.  I’ve called you to walk with Me for over a decade now. Stay the course with Me.  There is much I want to show you.  Get caught up in My world.  From there you will be more effective in your world.

It is also a time to straighten out your study.  File away all those rich teachings.  I will order your studies and you will complete them one by one in the order I give you…

I am personally taking charge of your education and will set your study courses and exams.  Listen to Me in all things.  Don’t let man’s instructions, urgings, or priorities set your pace. I am your Teacher and Guide this season.

Lean on Me.  Learn from Me.  And I will release heavenly revelation to you.  Great and might truths that will bring Me glory and ELECTRIFY My Church Body.

Be encouraged.  This is only the beginning of a big, wide move in your life…  know this, I have spoken over your life as well.  Do Me the honor of believing and receiving.  Worship Me with your trust,  your willingness, and your obedience.

Word Study:  Electrify

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