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Under His Protection

I had the privilege of attending a worship-only service with a friend. While we were singing, I had two visions: Read more

My Daughter ~ Swirling Thoughts

I was facing a major decision in my life and just didn’t have peace. Thoughts were swirling around and around in my head. I finally sat down and journaled all of my concerns. I affirmed my desire to stay in the Lord’s will no matter what. Read more

My Daughter, I Am Your Teacher

For the last couple of days of this new year, I have been praying for others. In one prayer, I asked the Lord to “electrify” someone close to me. As I journaled my thoughts, the Lord spoke to me. Read more

My Daughter ~ Nothing is Impossible

I was so stirred up from the conference, that I couldn’t sleep. I continued journaling and seeking the Lord. Again, He spoke to my heart:

Dearest Daughter Mary,

My daughter, you have been living two lives: One on the earth in your flesh and the other in the heavenlies. It is time that you have a truer revelation of Who I am. Read more

Y2K ~ Depending on the Lord


Y2K… my test of time and skill

On Friday, December 31, 1999 at 1:20 PST, I began the “shut down” of our office in preparation for New Years Day 2000 ~ otherwise know as Y2K.  I calmly went through the steps of checking all of our office systems. Read more