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Inspire me, Lord! In-Spirit me!

lightningEven though it’s cold, gloomy and windy today, I didn’t want to miss my walk. In fact, I think I walked the farthest yet! Although it was damp, I sat before You on the bench. I didn’t hear You, but I know You walked beside me the whole time. As I walked around a cul de sac, I noted a 1′ spire on top of a house. I began to look around and noted that other homes by the same builder had something similar. I realized they were lighting rods. I began to ask the Lord to “inspire” me. And then I laughed as I thought about the indwelling Holy Spirit, Who already resides in me. And so I cried out for the Lord to “In-Spirit” me. I thought about my flesh and unredeemed nature. It troubles me that I still struggle in some areas. I long to be set free. I began to sing a little ditty to the Lord:

Chip Away, Chip Away

Chip away, chip away
Chip away my unpleasing nature.
Make me, shape me
Clothe me with Grace and Favor.
Transform my life.
Remove sin and strife.
Get down to the core to who I am in You, Jesus.
I long for more and more, to be a child that pleases.
Chip away, chip away.
The tools are in Your hand.
Every day in every way
In Your Presence I want to stand.
Lord, I give You permission.
I long to fulfill Your commission.
Chip away, chip away
Chip away the dross.
Forever and a day
It’s my gain, not loss.
When I got home, I wrote down my song and then looked up the word “inspire.” I was shocked to find that the word “electrify” and “inspire” have similar synonyms. Perhaps the Lord is telling me something!

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and
it is the task of the sculptor to discover it

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