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Learning to Deal With Anger

boilingWe know that if a cup or vessel is an old one with surface scratches, boiling bubbles have a place to escape. I am reminded here about dealing with anger. As we mature in our walk with the Lord, we realize that anger is displeasing to Him and let’s face it, it never really makes a point anyway. Read more

Inspire me, Lord! In-Spirit me!

lightningEven though it’s cold, gloomy and windy today, I didn’t want to miss my walk. In fact, I think I walked the farthest yet! Although it was damp, I sat before You on the bench. I didn’t hear You, but I know You walked beside me the whole time. Read more

There’s Sludge in My Pond!

sludgeMy husband and I are renting a house that came with a fish pond, 2 koi, 4 goldfish, and 2 waterfalls. I have thoroughly enjoyed the water feature these past three months and dropping pellets every day is no trouble. I’ve even begun to tell the fish apart. Read more

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