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The Lie That Binds Us

The Lie and The Revelation
This past December, my sister was here for a visit. One morning we were sitting outside with our coffee and talking about our childhood. I said to her, “The reason I was overweight was because of the steroids.” The moment I spoke it, it was like fireworks flashing.

I literally jumped up and said, “It wasn’t my fault! It was the steroids! It was a lie! I didn’t do it!” You see, I have fought my weight ever since I was eight years old. I always thought it was my lack of self-control, temperance, a sweet tooth, or inability to deny myself. Now I realize that I couldn’t do anything about it when I was 8. My weight was due to the steroids I took for severe asthma. The tragic thing was, my sister reminded me how Mom and Dad would lecture me. She specifically remembered a time I was sitting on a stool in front of them and they were berating me for my weight and my Dad said, “Men don’t like women with glasses and fat a__es.”

The trouble is, I believed the lie. They believed the lie. And since that tender age I have always felt ashamed that I was overweight and couldn’t control my eating urges. Praise God I have been set free! I am now at liberty to be exactly who I was meant to be without any shame or remorse. I can have self-control, I can control my urges, I can do something to take this weight off! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! [Phil. 4:13]

Within a few days of that revelation, my sister and I attended a small group meeting with our associate pastor. Imagine our shock when he said, “Satan will come early in your life to plant a lie and take you out. Once planted, he doesn’t have to worry about you so much, because the lie does his job for him. He can move on to someone else.” Since that meeting, I have been asking the Lord to reveal other lies planted in my life. Two more lies have been revealed this year. I recently posted a book report on Beni Johnson’s book, The Happy Intercessor. She had this same revelation in her life.

This morning I had an urge to read Isaiah and came across a verse that blew me away. What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them with ropes made of lies, who drag wickedness behind them like a cart! [Isaiah 5:18] Of course, the Lord is talking about Judah’s guilt and judgment, but this could also be the lie(s) the enemy planted early in our lives. It could be the accusation or false truth we accepted as truth. It’s the lie that binds like a rope.

Our Little Red Wagons
In my margin notes on Isaiah 5, I had written “red wagon” on this verse. My mother-in-law once shared a story with me that has never left me. Unforgiveness, grudges, bad thoughts about ourselves, and negativism are like things we carry around with us, as adults, in our little red wagon. We are to take them to the CROSS and leave them there. Those who can’t forgive, can’t forget, and can’t receive forgiveness and healing are doomed to drag their childish red wagon with them the rest of their lives.

What We Can Do

  • Spend quiet time with the Lord and ask the Spirit of Truth to reveal the lies in your life.
  • Repent for believing the lie.
  • Forgive those who may have implanted the lie.
  • Forgive those who confirmed the lie.
  • Apply the Blood of Jesus to those lies.
  • Receive healing in those areas.
  • Confess healing.
  • Look up Scriptures to declare His truth.
  • Don’t ever feed into the lie by agreeing with it again!
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