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Looking Beyond

This is the decade to “Look Again” and this year, particularly, the word is to “Look Beyond.”

White heron on the lakeIt’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get out for a walk, but oh, it felt so, so good. I just put all my to do’s on hold for an hour and walked with the Lord. Praying and singing in the Spirit is how I usually start my walk. And then songs of love, of worship and appreciation just begin to flow out of my innermost being. Sometimes I’m delighted that they rhyme and other times it’s just phrase after phrase of love and admiration for my Creator, my King, my Inspiration. Read more

Walking a New Path

A new month… and a new walk

I decided to “change it up” today and actually drove my car to our community postal room in our development and got out to walk in a different direction. I spent most of the beginning portion thinking over the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, AL. I’ve been watching it since I got the first conference DVD in August. Read more

He is My Valentine

February is His month of love

February is His month of love.

This morning as I wrote the date in my journal, something hit me as never before. There are 28 days in February (except during leap years). Valentine’s Day, February 28th, is smack-dab, right in the middle of the month! What a cool thought! What if we put our heart into the middle of everything we think, say or do… wouldn’t that be just a little more like our God? Love is at the center of everything concerning Him. Read more

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