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Walking a New Path

A new month… and a new walk

I decided to “change it up” today and actually drove my car to our community postal room in our development and got out to walk in a different direction. I spent most of the beginning portion thinking over the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, AL. I’ve been watching it since I got the first conference DVD in August. Revival broke out on my son’s birthday, July 23rd. That’s so cool — I can’t forget the date. Watching the weekend gatherings has stirred my heart and spirit. I find myself praying in the spirit a lot while I watch the worship and agreeing in prayer for those in need. I’ve noticed that they have used gold, yellow and orange in the flame to symbolize their logo.


My thoughts on revival and the meaning of colors

As I continued up the path, I noted some wild gazanias. They are an amazing flower… so cheerily brilliant, with all sorts of varieties in red, yellows, oranges and any kind of combination you could think of. They have the capacity to reseed well. The wind blows their seeds everywhere. What a delight it is to see where they pop up! We have a dirt lot next door to our home and I’m gratified to see them make a cheery entrance this early Spring. I picked a blossom to carry on my walk to encourage my reflection. Gazanias aren’t meant to be cut flowers. They don’t have the lasting strength of other flowers. Also, they close their petals at night. It takes the sun to coax them to open in the day.

Thoughts on Revival:

  • Yellow = a new light, revelation of Jesus, the Light of the World
  • Orange = a new awakening of the soul (mind, will, and emotions)
  • Red = the fire of the Holy Spirit igniting our spirits and enduing us with His fruit as well as power
  • I need to stay planted in order to remain open. “Bloom where you’re planted.”
  • Be prepared to “re-seed” the revelation I receive.

Continuing on My Walk…

I was delighted with this new path. I walked by waterfalls on one side and placid beauty on the other side of the bridge. I found a gazebo at the edge of the path for a pleasant place to sit and reflect. One of the ponds was filled with migrating geese with one, lonely snowy white egret. I’ve always thought of the egret that lives near me as a reminder of Holy Spirit. Last of all was a beautiful spot where the sky was reflected in the silent pond. That’s what I’m aiming for… a reflection of heaven in me. At one point I found a harvest of gazanias just a bit away from cacti! These pictures from my phone are a reminder of the delights that await me on my walks with the Lord.


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