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He is My Valentine

February is His month of love

February is His month of love.

This morning as I wrote the date in my journal, something hit me as never before. There are 28 days in February (except during leap years). Valentine’s Day, February 28th, is smack-dab, right in the middle of the month! What a cool thought! What if we put our heart into the middle of everything we think, say or do… wouldn’t that be just a little more like our God? Love is at the center of everything concerning Him.

On Sunday, the 30th, I had the joy of watching two of my newest grandchildren dedicated to the Lord.

My soon-to-be granddaughter's heart beat

Natalie’s Heartbeat

I was reminded of being present at my newest granddaughter’s first ultrasound…the one all were anticipating in the hopes the pregnancy was viable. My eyes were riveted to her strong heartbeat. Although Natalie looked like a “blob” at only 5 weeks, her heart was huge and beat with purpose. Leave it to our Creator to make the heart the strongest and most recognizable feature of an embryo. I literally felt the presence of God in that examination room. Truly, He is a God of Love and Promise.

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