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My Daughter, Just BE!

His universe of love

Ever-Expanding Love

Our family celebrated Mother’s Day a week later than nationally on Sunday, May 15th. On Saturday I had a unique experience. I watched Smallville’s final show. In it, Clark Kent graduated into manhood as Superman. He had a conversation with Jonathan Kent and with Jor-el. I was moved to tears because of the fathers’ affirmations. Read more

Testimony for 30 for 30 Prayer

Since committing to the 30 for 30 prayer journey at The Gathering Place Church, I have been blessed immeasurably. Read more


Oh, that I might SEE You!I woke up on May 10th in the middle of the night with these words, “Rev Me. See me. I am the center.” I recall telling myself to remember these words and repeating them and going back to sleep. When I awoke, I grabbed my journal to record it. Read more

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