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Testimony for 30 for 30 Prayer

Since committing to the 30 for 30 prayer journey at The Gathering Place Church, I have been blessed immeasurably.

  • I have seen breakthroughs in my family with long-standing issues.
  • I have seen deep-seeded issues come out of the closet and be dealt with — both in myself and in others.
  • I have been set free from hidden wounds and personal judgments.
  • I have seen new strategies released for our business.
  • I have been blessed with dreams, visions, and revelations in the night. I have journaled these and then found that they are confirmed by prior revelations or daily experiences, tying it all together.
  • I have noted a new militancy in my tongues and in my prayers… based on my study and understanding of Ephesians.
  • I have been drawn even deeper into meditating the Word and actually understood hard passages for the first time.
  • I have enjoyed intimate times with the Lord.
  • The floodgates of my emotions have erupted with cleansing tears that have brought healing.
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