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My Daughter ~ No Boundaries

His love is beyond my visual horizon

His love abounds way beyond my visual horizon

This evening, I enjoyed a walk on the beach in Coronado. The wide ocean always captures my heart with it’s boundless horizon. Standing on the beach, watching the sunset, hearing the lap of the water, and enjoying the wind filled my heart with peace. My friend and I had started to review our prophetic words earlier in the day. Read more

He is our PEACE in every way


This morning as I sat on my bench after my walk, I felt like the Lord was saying, “Just as Jesus is the Prince of Peace, I am the Father of Peace, and my Spirit is the fruit of peace.” I felt like He was saying that He’s my everything peace and that’s Who He is. Father-Son-Spirit…. That’s a wonderful place to rest.

Isaiah 54:2 — Enlarge

Time Line of Revelation on Isaiah 54:2

On March 29, 2011 while on my walk, the Lord spoke and said, “Isaiah 54 is for you. Study it. Believe it. Live it.” I began a verse by verse study in my Thompson Chain Bible, but soon let it go as there were too many constraints on my time. Guess I need to hear and obey! Read more

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