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My Daughter ~ No Boundaries

His love is beyond my visual horizon

His love abounds way beyond my visual horizon

This evening, I enjoyed a walk on the beach in Coronado. The wide ocean always captures my heart with it’s boundless horizon. Standing on the beach, watching the sunset, hearing the lap of the water, and enjoying the wind filled my heart with peace. My friend and I had started to review our prophetic words earlier in the day. We both saw what had been and what was yet to be fulfilled. I’m almost 61 now and I wondered how much more time is there for me to accomplish what’s in my heart for His Kingdom. Before I went to sleep, the Lord spoke the following to my heart.

My Daughter,

Now is not the time to draw back. Reach forward into your future destiny. Grab onto it and pull it into your atmosphere.

My love isn’t conditional. You don’t ‘earn it’. My love is abounding. It abounds to you. It leaps over and above and around any obstacle.

My love is as deep as the ocean, as wide as the eye can see. It’s not limited by the horizon or as far as you can see. It’s way beyond. Your eye can’t grasp it. You can’t put a boundary on it.

From the edge of where you stand at the beginning, your view is limited by your position as well as perception.

That is why it is so necessary for you to ‘see’ after the Spirit — to see into the dimension I exist in.”

I then drew a little stick picture of me standing on the sand looking out to the farthest horizon. I thought, His love extends beyond the horizon of my eyes. I asked myself, “How do you know it’s there?” And the Spirit spoke, “By faith and even by experience. You know it extends beyond your limited eye sight by experience.”

As I journaled my thoughts the next morning, I felt the Lord was saying that as I move out into the water, the horizon also moves. Therefore, as I grow in understanding and spiritual sight, more revelation is opened up. It’s limitless possibilities! I also wrote myself a note to study the word “abounding.”

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