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Isaiah 54:2 — Enlarge

Time Line of Revelation on Isaiah 54:2

On March 29, 2011 while on my walk, the Lord spoke and said, “Isaiah 54 is for you. Study it. Believe it. Live it.” I began a verse by verse study in my Thompson Chain Bible, but soon let it go as there were too many constraints on my time. Guess I need to hear and obey!

On June 1, 2011 I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 5:42 and knew it was Isaiah 54:2 for me that day. I looked at the verse in my NLT: “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense.” How I laughed! That’s exactly what we’re doing in our home. We’re adding on an addition.

On June 8, 2011 one week later, I again woke at 5:42 and knew the Lord was REALLY stressing this enlarging and expanding.

On August 5, 2011 today, I was praying for the chaotic markets with the Dow dropping 512 points yesterday, our business, and our sons’ and Jim’s wisdom and strategies to navigate. All day yesterday I kept hearing Proverbs 3:5,6 (Lean not…) and I prayed Genesis 1:1 for many who are in crisis, that the Holy Spirit would “brood” over them in their place of need.  The prayer I wrote in my morning journal was, “Today I pray for receptivity. Lord, permeate every need with Your fruit and wisdom. Teach us, Lord. Prepare our hearts to receive your wisdom.” And then I glanced over at Isaiah 54:2 in the NASB. I noted the words that were underlined for Strong’s numbers. I also noted that there was a companion verse in Isaiah 38:20. “Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; your eyes shall see Jerusalem an undisturbed habitation. A tent which shall not be folded; Its stakes shall never be pulled up Nor any of its cords torn apart.” Wow! I then decided to look the Strong’s numbers up. (I haven’t looked up all of the companion verses, but this was encouragement enough.)

Different Versions of This Verse

NLT:       “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense.”

NKJ:       “Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen
your cords, And strengthen your stakes.

NASB:   “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not, lengthen your cords, and
strengthen your pegs.

Strong’s Numbers

Enlarge the place of your tent…
Enlarge #7337 rachab

— to be or grow wide, be or grow large
— to be widened, be enlarged
— broad or roomy pasture

Place #4725 maqowm
— something dug, i.e. a (general) source (of water, even when naturally flowing; also of tears, blood; happiness,
    wisdom, progeny)
— fountain, issue, spring, well (-spring)

Tent #168 ohel
— a tent (as clearly conspicuous from a distance)
— covering (dwelling) (place), home, tabernacle, tent
Literally, as a habitation for nomadic peoples and patriarchs.
Figuratively, a dwelling or a people group.
Refers to the tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting!

Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings
Stretch out #5186 natah
— to stretch or spread out

— by implication, to bend away (including moral deflection)
— used in a great variety of applications: apply, bow (down, -ing), carry aside, decline, deliver, extend, go down, be gone,
    incline, intend, lay, let down, offer, outstretched, overthrown, pervert, pitch, prolong, put away, shew, spread (out),
    stretch (forth, out), take (aside), turn (aside), wrest, cause to yield.

Curtains #3407 yeriyah from 3415
— a hanging (as tremulous); curtain

** tremulous, according to the dictionary…
1.  (of persons, the body, etc) characterized by trembling, as from fear, nervousness, or weakness
2. Timid; timorous, fearful
3. (of things) vibratory, shaking, or quivering
#3514 root word, 3415 yara
— to be broken up (with any violent action)
— figuratively, to fear
— the only time this root word appears is in Is 15:4. As a result of the sudden devastation of Moab, his (i.e. Moab’s or possibly an individual soldier’s) life (or soul) trembles. The sentence could refer to inner turmoil: his soul trembles within him; or it could refer to an objective sense that his prospects of surviving are shaky; his life trembles before him. Of course both meanings could be true; both could even be implied.          

Dwellings #4908 mishkin
— dwellings (stretch out curtains)

— refers to the Tent of Meeting, which is also the Tent of Testimony (cool!)… for there the Lord met with His people.

Spare not
Spare #2820 chasak
— to restrain

— (by implication) to refuse, spare, preserve, also to observe
— assuage, darken, forbear, hinder, hold back, keep (back), punish, refrain, reserve, spare, withhold

Lengthen your cords
Lengthen             #748 arak
— defer, draw out, lengthen, become, (pro)long, live, tarry

— a verb meaning to be long, prolong, draw out or postpone. It refers to the element of time.
— Used literally, it describes the growth of branches (Eze 31:5) and as a command, to lengthen one’s cords (Is 54:2)

Cords #4340 meythar
— a cord (of a tent)
— the string (of a bow)

Strengthen your pegs
Strengthen         #2388 chazaq
— to fasten upon, to seize, be strong (figuratively), courageous (causative), strengthen, cure, help, repair, fortify,

    obstinate, to bind, restrain, conquer
— a verb meaning to be strong, to strengthen, to be courageous, to overpower
— Used with David & Goliath (1Sam 17:50), battle situation (2 Chr 8:3), Samson’s last strength to defeat the Philistines.
    “Be strong and of good courage” (Joshua 1:9)

Pegs      #3489 yathed  — from an unused root meaning to pin through or fast, — nail, paddle, pin, stake

My Revelation and Interpretation on Isaiah 54:2

As I read through all of these Strong’s word meanings, my heart and mind and spirit exploded. This verse is a wakeup call to me to re-establish my connection with the Lord in a deeper, more profound way. So, let me “amplify” what this verse spoke to me as if He were speaking to me through this study. Isn’t it interesting that this sounds like a “My Daughter” communication? That’s what studying the scripture does for me. He literally speaks to me through the scriptures.

“Mary, it’s time for you to grow even more and widen your perspective of Me and Who I am to you and for you. And by extension, to those you love, to those you are in contact with, to those you pray for, to your church, and to the world. I am your Place, your Source and your Tent. My well is deep. It’s time to go deeper and wider with me. You sit with Me and My Word every morning. It is our tabernacle and our Tent of Meeting. It’s time to expand.

As you bow to Me and My majesty, as you make Me your King and your Lord, remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Your nearness to Me is My desire. As I draw near to you, you will indeed tremble at My power, My holiness, as well as My delight, My pleasure, and My company. Draw back the hidden closures of your heart. Allow Me to come in fully. Let the wind of My Spirit blow away the residue of this world, the doubts, the hidden foxes, your cares and worries.

Don’t restrain your love from Me. Don’t hold anything back. I am your Constant Companion. I long for fellowship. I delight in showing you your destiny and the plans I have for you. No restraints! No holding back from Me.

Tarry with Me. Even as I asked My disciples to tarry with Me for only one hour. As you spend quiet time with Me, listen with even more intensity. Wait upon Me. Gain strength from Me. There is so much I want to share with you, to show you, and to tell you.

Be strong and very courageous, Mary. Stay in My Word day and night even as Joshua. You are called to lead, but you need instructions from your Commander. I want to be Chief in your life.

I’ve called you as My worshipper and My warrior. The spiritual warfare that is ahead requires the armor I have given. Learn from Me and stand strong in the battle. I want to become your Habitation, your Dwelling Place… under the shadow of My wings. 

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