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My Daughter ~ I see you through My Son

I spent the first couple of weeks in September re-reading my personal prophetic words and the words spoken over my church and its leadership. There is a cry in my heart to see beyond the natural. I get glimpses and sometimes a revolutionary thought or impression. Most of the time, it’s in reading the Word that true revelation comes. Below is what I wrote in my journal with His word following.

“But seriously, Lord, I feel as if I’m floundering here. Like being in a boat without a paddle. Maybe that’s the point? I have to relinquish it all to You? But You must also see that I’m sensing an urgency, a stirring, a bull-dog thing. I’m fighting inside my head. Surely, You know this! You know my thoughts! You must see how I keep going back, trying to understand, trying to get the whole picture, not wanting to miss anything. But I am. Where am I lacking? What must I do? Do I need to repent of something? Am I lacking in purity? Yes, probably for sure. But I’m willing to be made willing, Lord! I want to lead from Your peace, Your love, Your compassion, Your truth, Your kindness, Your goodness. Am I blowing it by pressing You so hard? Please, Lord, show me! I need to hear from you. Make sense of this.

My Daughter,
Your own personal thoughts and trials are symptoms of what’s going on at large in My church and in My nation. Yes, that’s right. You wanted to write “your” nation, but it’s mine. I haven’t let go. I haven’t turned My back on your nation — My nation. It’s the UNITED states. I put them together with My glue. Yes, that’s right, glue. You know how your husband, coworkers and the children call you the glue? It’s that part of Me that I’ve put into you.

“What is it, Lord?”

Glue is white isn’t it?
That’s for purity.

I laughed and shook my head. How can You say that with me reaching for a cigarette? How can I even come close to being pure and holy with this addiction?

Because, dear child, I see you through My Son.

Oh, wow! Jesus, You cover me! I am Yours forever, aren’t I? You see me, Father, through Your eternal eyes. Oh, thank You, thank You! You have no idea how much guilt and shame I carry.

Oh, yes I do!

So tell me, what is going on inside of me, inside my family, inside all these people I love? I can’t get them out of my heart these days. Joy is just not there. I feel so very serious all the time.

It is a serious time, Mary. More that ever it’s important to read My words of comfort and truth. Let them wash over you, cleanse you, redeem you from the pit of despair for resolution and breakthrough.

Remember you asked to be taken off the shelf? The hat box has opened. Remember how many times Cynthia has shared with you about your shoes? I’m changing them, polishing them up and charging them.

It’s a new walk, a new mantle of authority, a new level of position in My Kingdom. I don’t say that to scare you or to open a door for self pride or religious pride to enter in. I will protect you from that. That is why I’ve let you see into the hearts of others. Everyone around you is being prepared for the days ahead. They won’t be easy. Times will be tough. Circumstances will shock you. Just as your heart grieved for that psychic mother’s suicide leaving husband and four children.

I thought, “Oh, no! Am I going to be like Jeremiah?”

I heard you! No, but you have now begun to have the compassionate heart of My Son. This is what Shelley talks about. It’s the fellowship of His sufferings.

The key for you is not to be morose or sad and disconcerted. There will NO discouragement! Why do you think I’ve placed you in that praise pit to sing, and shout, and decree, and play that tambourine? I fill you up every Sunday while you stand around My children. Even though you’re old, you are young.

Children believe in things they cannot see. They hope. They dream. They imagine. They see the good, the beautiful, the amazing, the wondrous. I’ve given you their eyes.

And now, you have to take that internal sight and project it with words of affirmation, declaration and decree. My Spirit will well up in you, like that fire in your bones. You won’t be able to cap it or extinguish it. Wait upon Me. Speak only with My unction.

You do well to listen, Mary, but now you need to lean in even closer. Be like John, My beloved, lean upon My breast. Let Me tell you My secrets. Understand that this comes only in a position of rest. That rest is in knowing I AM Your Lord, Your Master, Your Creator. From that place, I will begin to open your eyes to more. This isn’t to be done in your mind. This is to be done in your spirit man. That’s where you sit with me. I will tell you stories. I will tell you truths. They will transform you and change your mind — especially about people.

There’s a long way to go. This won’t happen over night.

I heard “Come, let’s reason together” in my spirit.

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