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Stop, Seek, & Soak

Stop, Seek, & Soak

This week was particularly troublesome to my spirit. I had to face some real issues in prayer for others: troubled marriages, news of cancer, a suicide leaving 4 children under 12, and people who really needed a touch from God for breakthrough. I found after 3 days of battling in prayer that my joy was diminished to a real low point.

I took it all before the Lord and He reminded me of John, His disciple. I was exhorted to lean upon His breast and find His rest. My peace was renewed, my hope was raised, and my joy returned. I’d like to share the three steps it took for me to find this place of  peace and rest

1.  STOP.  I recognized that I was spiraling down, emotionally. My thoughts were swirling in confusion. God is not the author of confusion.

2.  SEEK.  I sought the Lord. I wrote out on a yellow pad all of the things that were of concern to me.

3.  SOAK.  I put on instrumental worship music to create an atmosphere of rest and release.

From that position of resting in Him, I was open to hear from the Lord. Wisdom flowed to me. Peace ruled in my heart. His love permeated my body, soul, and spirit. While in that place of submission and openness, I received new strategies for prayer in those situations that were troubling me. My joy returned.


Remember the admonition when we were children facing fire?
It was STOP, DROP, and ROLL! The same can be applied to spiritual warfare.

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