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New Years Eve Thoughts for 2012

Jesus Christ King of KingsBreakfast With My King

New Year’s Eve 2011… when I wrote that in my journal, I thought, “This is the year when THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY puts the Mayans and those soothsayers to shame.” This whole year to going to be about Your Divine Order – Your Government – Your Rule! Read more

My Daughter ~ I am listening

As I was on my way running errands, I passed the site of my car accident that I had on my birthday. I heard the Lord clearly say, “Slow down. Stop and Smell the roses.” I do know how to slow down, but I struggle with getting to a place of stillness with the Lord. Read more

My Daughter ~ A Birthday Gift

Today is my 61st birthday. Amazing. As I read my Proverb chapter of the day, my eyes lighted upon verse 3 and my note of ASK! in the margin. “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.” So, Lord, it’s my birthday today. I want to ask YOU for Your gift of more Holy Spirit. Read more

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