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My Daughter ~ I am listening

As I was on my way running errands, I passed the site of my car accident that I had on my birthday. I heard the Lord clearly say, “Slow down. Stop and Smell the roses.” I do know how to slow down, but I struggle with getting to a place of stillness with the Lord. When I returned I journaled that I was a little sad and that I was irritable. I realized that it was my soul talking and my mind agreeing. As Graham Cooke says, “Have another thought!” That makes me smile and try to shake it off. Graham makes me smile. I love his relationship with You. You seem like such best friends. I’d like that.

Last night I listened to Lisa Bevere talk about lions and lionesses. She explained that lions kill and lionesses hunt and that lionesses always hunt together. We can’t go rogue or we’ll get swallowed. As I was throwing the ball for my dog, I wans thinking about partnerships and relationships. I was asking the Lord to change others. But then I had a singular thought, “Do I need to change, Lord?” I’m open, Lord. I’d like to hear Your thoughts, Your words over me. I don’t want to hold You back in my life. If I need to shift, or move over so You can move in my life, would You please show me?

Daughter, Daughter, Daughter,

Even as you shake your head, I too shake Mine. I’ve told you who you are in Me… in My Word, in My words to you, in those I’ve put in your life. Why do you reject My promises, My affirmations? I don’t give them lightly. Just as you read the other day in Job, I am not a man that I should lie. Believe Me.

You are precious to Me. You are a unique Mary. Even though it is a common name, none of my Marys are the same to Me.

Hold on. Hold on. Breakthrough is coming. The day is coming when you will no longer be cut off. I don’t cut you off. I long to hear all your thoughts, your questions, your musings. I love your curious mind. I yearn to open it up even more — to pour in My revelation — not just for your benefit, but for others.

They will listen! Oh, yes, they will. For your thoughts will be My thoughts. Your ways will be My ways. Oh! It is such an exciting time ahead for you.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give in to impatience, frustrations, or even delays. I am perfect. My timing is perfect. Do you trust Me? Yes, yes, you do. Then receive grace to wait. Receive an extra portion of grace to be at peace in the waiting. You don’t need to always hide your feelings. I am listening. I understand. No one understands you like I do. I see all your rivers… every one of them. I am limitless. You are not limited in Me.

So, climb up on My lap. Let’s talk, Daughter. Tell Me your heart hurts and your heart desires. Let’s line them up with Mine for you.

It’s a new day. Soon it will be a new year…. My wonderful year of 2012. Oh, man has his ideas… but mine are so much grander! Think BIG, Mary, think really BIG!

References: Numbers 23:19; Job 9; Isaiah 55:8,9

Rivers: I recently heard on teaching on rivers of living water in our spirit-man. Each river in our spirit is a relationship: daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, mentor, employer, employee, etc. Each relationship has a unique heavenly resource for whatever is needed.

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