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7-11 Convenience Store?

711 convenience storeYesterday I woke up at 8:11. This morning I woke up at 7:11. As I laid in bed waiting for my husband to put on the coffee, I wondered how I should begin my day–with the Word, with some material I had printed, where? As I put my bathrobe on, I thought about 7/11 and was struck by the name of the convenience store. It’s a place where you can drive in quickly, buy an essential item, pay quickly and get out fast.

I thought about going to the grocery store. That trip is deliberate. You make a list of items. If it’s your regular store, you know the aisles. Maybe you even have a routine way of getting through the store quickly. Even the grocery store can be a quick in and out visit.

Going to a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club is not my cup of tea. Many people love it, but I don’t. Thank heavens my husband doesn’t mind! Going shopping just for the sake of shopping isn’t my favorite use of time either. I like to shop with purpose in mind.

What’s my point?

My morning prayer as I began my day with my coffee was this:

“Lord, I don’t ever what You to be my convenience store. Direct my eyes, my mind, and my heart to You and Your priorities. You are worthy of all my inconvenience!”

Proverbs 23:23 says this:

Buy the truth and do not sell it—wisdom, instruction and insight as well.

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