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My Daughter ~ Leap Day

I was facing challenges and disappointments. My pastor had recently preached a sermon where he described facing prayer needs with a “Divine Sandwich.” It’s where a believer comes in alignment with the Lord, remains true of heart, and the Lord is at the other end. The two of us squeeze on the problem in the middle. In my journal, I wrote, “Help me to stay focused on You. Help me to have a soft heart toward You and others. Help me to have open ears, an open heart, opened eyes, an open mind, and an open Spirit. I want to grow inside and out this Leap Year, Lord. Help me to face my obstacles with You. Amen! This is the word He gave me:

My Daughter,

These days may have some turmoil, but I am your peace. I always have been and I always will. You know how to turn to Me, even in the little things. I see that your heart is soft towards Me. Gentleness of heart is precious to Me. You dwell too much on the negative in your character. That’s My job! Not yours!

Learn to relax INTO My flow. I hear your heart and I listen to your thoughts. You don’t disappoint Me.

[“But Lord, I…”] No “buts.” Just be. The more tender you are to My voice, the more I will speak. Let your fingers do the walking in My word. Refresh your mind with My word. Refresh your spirit with My music. Invite Me into every area of your life. I will transform every situation with My love as well as My wisdom.

Even at 61 you are still growing, My daughter, My child. This journey is a rich one and you are building up My kingdom — first in your own life and then in others. Peace in every portion. That’s My promise.

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