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My Daughter ~ Now Rest

Ihad woken up very early and tried to go back to sleep and finally crawled out of bed. After my Scripture reading and handling emails, I just sat outside and marveled at the morning. A beautiful white egret flew by and once again I was reminded of Holy Spirit’s purity and grace. It really touched my heart and I began to journal the trials, the storms in our lives and share my burdens with the Lord. And then I began a list of all of the gifts of life, relationship, and favor He’d given to me. Before He spoke to me, this is what I wrote:

“I just simply give You all the praise and glory. I couldn’t be where I am today without You in my life and in me… all because You sent Your Son and because He loved me, died for me even as a sinner, and He sent His Spirit to baptize me and indwell me. Wow. Just wow! Man can’t do anything that would rob me of that knowledge… yet though they slay me, I will not curse You. Job got it right! Nothing happens except it passes through Your hands. You’ve allowed all this testing. Strengthen me. Encourage me. Fill me up again to stand in the face of these constant storms. Help us, oh Lord, to bring You glory, to be a testimony of Your kindness, Your goodness, Your love, and yes, even Your provision.

Majesty. Majesty. Great is Your majesty. You are high and lifted up in my heart. None can compare to Your brilliance. I am ever Your handmaiden–past, present, and future. I am Yours. I am Your daughter. I am Your tambourine player. I am Your warrior. I am Your singer/worshiper. I am simply Yours.”

My Daughter

These days have been tough, but I have never abandoned you. I have heard your prayers. I have read your heart. I know your thoughts. Nothing is hidden from Me.

When doubt comes in, you run to Me. When fear tries to creep up, you smash it down with your faith and blessed assurance. You have become my able-bodied soldier. Your tender heart responds to My whispers. I have not been yelling. I have not even been speaking clearly. But you have heart My Spirit in your spirit and have obeyed willingly. As your Lord, what more could I ask of you? I see your trials. I see your challenges. I see it all, Mary, My Mary, the handmaiden at My feet. Breakthrough will come in ways you can’t imagine. Only remember to give Me all the glory for it is My righteousness, My favor, My decrees that will be obeyed.

Now rest. Purely and simply, rest. There’s no need to war. The answers are already on the way. You will see. You will know. You will understand. Be assured you have been heard. You’ve not been a gong hitting a ceiling. Your prayers have been heard, but all will be in My timing and for My purposes.

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