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John 1:1 In the Beginning

As I woke up this morning, I heard, “It’s a new beginning for you. It’s a new beginning for Me. It’s the beginning of days.” I repeated that several times to myself to remember it and then I heard John 1:1

beginning“In the beginning was the Word, And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Lit. This one] was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend [Lit. overpower] it.

My thoughts rushed on as I recalled what I had heard and read this verse.

  • a beginning of a new state… and yet, it implies a continuing.
  • the beginning in Jesus Christ before there was any beginning whatsoever
  • Jesus existed as the Logos–the Word. He is the intelligence which gave birth to everything and Who became the expression, which is discovered through His word and works. Wow! Immediately I thought of Isaiah 9:6 where the Child to be born to us will be called “Eternal Father”. Jesus IS the beginning and the end as well as the Father of Eternity because of the cross and His resurrection.

I just knew it was going to be worth my time to look up the Strong’s numbers for these words. May you too grasp the “fullness” of these words:

Word #3056 logos [from #3004 lego]
1. Something said including the thought. Derived from 3004, to speak intelligently. A word as spoken.
2. Reason, the reasoning facility as that power of the soul (mind, will, emotions) which is the basis of speech.
3. the Word – preexistent nature of Christ

Synonyms: rhema (4487, word, utterance), agglia (31, message, announcement), eperotema (1906, an inquiry, answer [note it’s both!]), lalia (2981, speech), homilia (3657, homily, communication, speech), propheteia (4394, prophecy, something spoken ahead of its occurrence or spoken forth), sugetisis (4803, mutual questioning), pheme (5345, fame, report, that which is being said about someone)

lego #3004 — to lay forth, relate in words. Usually of systematic or set discourse. To call, to name.

Beginning #746 arche [from 756 archomai]
1, A commencement, (concrete) chief (in various applications of order, time, place or rank)

2. Beginning, corner, first (estate), magistrate, power, principality, principle, rule

archomai #756 — to be first in power and rank, as an implication of precedence

All things #3956 pas
1. All, any, every, the whole; all (manner of means)
2. thoroughly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever
3. Includes the idea of oneness, totality or the whole

Came into being #1096 ginomai
1. To cause to be, generate
2. Spoken of works of creation, art, miracles, promise, will or desire
3. particular days or festivals, persons advanced to any station or office, customs

Life #2222 zoe [from #2198 zoa, life]
1. Generally physical life & existence a) particularly and generally of human life; of life after rising from the deal, only Christ) b) in absolute sense and without end.
2. Blessed life, life that satisfies — eternal life.
3. Also the word used in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

zoa #2198 — living water, water of running streams and fountains. To live, to sustain life, to live on

Light #5457 phos
1. Light of Revelation to Gentiles (Lk 2:32)
2. To shine or make manifest, especially by rays
3. Of the dazzling light, splendor or glory which surrounds the throne of God in which He dwells.
4. As surrounding Jesus in His appearance after His ascension. [to Saul and to John]

Shines #5316 phaino [from #5457 phos]
1. To lighten (shine), show

phos #5457 — light, to give light, illuminate, to shine forth like lightening, to irradiate, to glitter

Darkness #4653 skotia
1. Dimness, obscurity, darkness, the absence of light
2. In JN 1:5 “spoken of persons in moral darkness”

Comprehend #2638 katalambano [from #2596 + #2983]
1. To take eagerly, ie. seize, possess
2. Apprehend, attain, come upon, comprehend, find, obtain, perceive, (over) take

kata #2596 — an intensive
lambano #2983 — to take, to receive with the idea of eagerness
** Referring to JN 1:5  “to seize with the mind, to comprehend, to perceive”

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