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My Daughter ~ Go on! Go on!

My 64th birthday. I had been in a long season of drought. Work issues, dental issues, family issues — all creating stress, dissatisfaction and withdrawal. Rereading my journal I noted the days and weeks between writing. I wrote, “I haven’t journaled much, Lord. I’m hiding from You again. Please forgive me. Help me to get back on track.” And then He spoke to my spirit…

My Daughter

You’ve come far — farther than you think. I have been on this journey with you… every mountain climb and valley descent. You have grown more than you think. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are my well-loved child. Did not Sally write “child of the day”? That’s a reminder of your heritage — not just your earthly family, but your heavenly family as well.

Ah, I see your tears, your loneliness. You miss them all, don’t you? The ones you looked up to, who approved you, encouraged you, mentored you. They are looking upon you now and are smiling, encouraging you.

Go on! Go on! Don’t forget. Don’t regret. Go on! Go on!

Shoulders down. Head up. Light in your eyes. A smile on your lips. Believe in your FUTURE — on earth as it is in heaven. Happy Birthday, dear one.

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