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Buddy Bear Learns to Share

Dedicated to Ryan and Elise
© Mary Best Puplava, July 19, 2011

Buddy Bear sat warm and content
with Mommy and Daddy Bear in their happy den.
His blocks were spread out on the floor
As he built a house with a roof, windows and a door.

Daddy said, “I have happy news to share.
Next Spring you will have a Sister Bear!”
Buddy didn’t understand, but smiled as he looked at them.
Mommy and Daddy made him feel safe in his warm den.

The happy day arrived and Susie Bear was born.
Off in the corner, Buddy sat so forlorn.
“Mommy and Daddy are so busy. Why can’t they just see me?”
“I liked it much better when we were just we three.”

Months passed as Susie Bear learned to sit and crawl.
Soon she was walking and into Buddy’s blocks she’d fall.
Mommy and Daddy understood Buddy’s sad pain.
He tried to be kind, but it hurt all the same.

One day, Mommy and Daddy took Buddy alone to the store.
They shopped, laughed and played with him just like before.
As the day ended and they tucked him in bed,
“This was the best day ever!” he joyfully said.

“Why can’t it be as it was before?”
“Why must it always be four?”
Mommy Bear held Buddy close.
He looked up at Daddy as he spoke.

“Buddy, one day you will learn that love grows hand in hand.
“With every brother or sister, a parent’s heart can expand.”
“You too will learn this someday soon. It’s true!”
“You were named for the love that’s inside of you.”

“God created us to love Him and one another.”
“Listen well to your Father and Mother.”
“Your sister Susie is a gift from heaven you can reach.
“She’s someone to love, to protect, and to teach.”

As Buddy closed his eyes to sleep, he prayed too,
“Dear God, help me to love Susie as You do.”

The next morning, as Buddy got out of bed,
He had a wonderful idea in his head.
He went to the cupboard and brought out his blocks.
Then called Susie all dressed in shoes and socks.

Buddy showed her, “A is for Apple. B is for Bear.”
Susie laughed and waved her hands in the air.
Slowly he helped her build a tower.
They played together hour after hour.

When their play was over and the day was done.
Buddy Bear discovered that he’d had such fun.
Buddy Bear had finally learned to share.
He’d given his best toys to his Sister Bear.

His heart was glad when he saw Susie’s delight.
Buddy now knew that Daddy Bear was right.
Buddy had learned when you give love away,
you get more to give each and every day.

My Inspiration for This Story: I understand a firstborn’s dilemma when they learn to deal with the fact that they are no longer number one.

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