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Teardrop and Becca-B

Dedicated to Rebecca Beardsley Deptula, a true friend
© Mary Best Puplava, July 21, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a little bluebird named Becca-B.
She lived with her brother and sister in a large peppermint tree.
Its branches were many with leaves on each and every limb.
Her nest was hidden in the trunk’s V and kept neat and trim.

Wise Owl lived alone and above them at the tree’s tippy top.
His hoots woke her up each night. How she wished he would stop!
Below them lived Sammy Squirrel and his small family.
They were always busy darting in and around the tree.

Becca-B loved to watch the butterflies darting here and there.
What color and beauty as they practiced gymnastics in the air.
Growing up was wonderful for the bluebirds in their tree.
But sadly, there was a problem for little bluebird, Becca-B.

She had one wing a bit shorter than the other.
How she longed to be like sister and brother.
Each morning they’d leave to fly with the other birds.
But Becca-B stayed home, her sadness beyond words.

Tired of watching everyone have so much fun,
Becca-B slid down and curled up, hidden from the sun.
Today’s loneliness was too much to bear.
Her tears fell as she cried, “God, don’t You care?”

She soon fell asleep as her tears dried on her face.
Becca-B entered a dream. It was a beautiful place.
She was greeted by a clear, sparkling sight.
It was heaven’s Teardrop gleaming so bright.

“Why are you crying, little Becca-B?”
“My heart is so sad in great sympathy.”
“Your tears have called me to you.”
“Please tell me what I can do.”

“I can’t fly like my sister and brother.”
“My one wing is shorter than the other.”
“How I wish it could be made right.”
“I want to join their fun in flight.”

Teardrop hugged Becca-B for what seemed like an hour.
Lo and behold, there was a miracle of such power!
Teardrop’s love and mercy had joined her pain.
Her short wing grew straight and true once again.

Startled by a strong wind, Becca-B woke up with a start.
She remembered her dream with a fast beating heart.
Slowly she stood up and looked at her wing.
“They are the same!” she started to sing.

With joy she stepped out to the nest’s edge, her tears pouring.
Jumping high and spreading her wings, Becca-B went soaring.
“Thank You, God, for healing my wing!”
“Forever Your praises I will sing.”

What is the moral of this little story?
God is in heaven in all His glory.
Our tears are numbered one by one.
Forever, Becca-B’s heart He had won.

He sees our tears of joy and sadness.
He knows our pain and even gladness.
His love watches over our hearts day and night.
Our tears are precious and pure in His sight.

My Inspiration for This Story: Tears come with all sorts of emotions: not only with pain, hurt, grief, and sorrow, but also with relief, joy and laughter. I have found that my tears tend to have temperature associated with them depending on the emotion I am feeling. They are hot with pain and associated external and internal issues of my heart or body. They are cool and at room temperature when the Holy Spirit has touched a place in my heart and revelation pours in. These are tears of gratitude, of love, and of a heart that has been changed by a new understanding of His love. Becca-B was a friend in deed during a lonely time in my life when I was separated from my family.

Values: Compassion and Mercy.

Scripture Promise: Psalm 56:8 You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

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