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Shifting Into Reformation

JaneHamonby Pastor/Prophet Jane Hamon
Christian International Ministries
“Open Heavens Prophetic Conference” Islandia, New York

On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther took his 95 thesis and nailed it to the Wittenberg Church. It was a prophetic act. Until then it was only the Greek Orthodox or Roman Catholic Churches. This day there was a SHIFT in the Spirit. Bishop Bill Hamon has studied this extensively. Daniel speaks of a specific period of time. 70 weeks X 70 weeks, or 490 weeks or years. 1517 + 490 = 2007. Bishop Hamon believes that 2007 ended a church age and it is now the 3rd and FINAL Apostolic Reformation. It’s a whole new day.

Shifting – means we’re major uncomfortable. But when God says, shift, you shift! It’s new wine and new wineskins.

Shift means transition, reformation, change! “I am the Lord. I change NOT.” As for the rest of you, you’re in a constant process of change. The shaking is an answer to prayers and it’s God-designed. It’s reforming us and brings reformation in us to bring reformation to others.

Jane believes there is going to be a GREAT AWAKENING. She read form Acts 4, especially v23-34, after the healing at the Gate Beautiful. Peter and John were arrested, sent to prison, beaten and accused. They were let go and went to their company. You’d better have a people. Don’t be alone in the days ahead.

Why did the nations rage? Against the Lord and against His Christ. Jane believes His Christ means the anointed ones or in other words, Christians. They prayed and the place was shaken. They were not comfortable, even fearful. But they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. They were one heart and one soul. Unity – not uniformity. They had all things in common. Put a demand upon the anointing in others. NOT just on those in the pulpit or on the platform. The “gifts” aren’t about you! They are gifts to be given away. THEN, there’s power.

“And with great power, the apostles gave witness and great grace [favor] was upon them all.” This power is mega dunimas. It means the power to work miracles, to be able to do the impossible.

Receive the Holy Ghost power to do the impossible… not just tongues. Tongues is a power-generator. Acts 1:8 – those who were saved, spoke in other tongues and turned around and healed the sick! A well-equipped saint is just like the 5-fold ministry! We save souls [evangelist], make disciples [teacher], counsel/care/nurture [pastor], hear the word of the Lord [prophet], and operate in a sphere of anointing or influence [apostle/sent one]

God has been putting in the shift, but the clutch is stuck. We’re to go from glory to glory, but sometimes we’re stuck long in the middle.


#1  We must make an apostolic/prophetic shift.

Wisdom and revelation. Apostles and prophets. This is the sons of Issachar anointing. [1 Chr 12:32 know the times and what to do.] [1 Chr 7:5 Valiant men or mighty men of valor.] On a side point, that word valiant is the same one used in Proverbs 31 about women. Apparently for women, it’s virtuous, but for men it’s valiant.

God is looking for valiant men AND valiant women, who will shift into the Issachar anointing. There is something new with mantles of revelation. The last season is not enough. It’s a new season. We need to hear with greater clarity. “My sheep hear My voice.” This is for our lives and for others.

Acts 2:17,18 – Joel’s prophecies – The Holy Spirit is going to be outpoured onto us and our sons and daughters. Prophecy, revelation, dreams, visions… on ALL flesh. This isn’t just Christian flesh…. Even unbelieving flesh.

God needs Daniels and Josephs who know how God speaks. If someone has a weird dream last night, you can interpret it. When Jane travels, she doesn’t say she’s a pastor, prophet, or speaker. She say’s “I do seminars to help people understand dreams.” And the door opens. Remember, Nebuchadnezzar got a dream even though he was a wicked, pagan king. In Iran, 70% of the converts when told about Jesus say “I know this Jesus. He visited me in a dream.”

There’s promotion to the Kingdom of God through dream interpretation.

#2  Internal Shift

We must move out of all the negative, dangerous, pessimistic thoughts of the past. It’s a hard season, a narrow place with even fear, betrayal, and hurt. BUT shift OUT of this place.

Jane had everyone stand up. Chuck Pierce does a prophetic act that’s inspiring. Take your right arm and hand and put it straight back. Take your left arm and point it straight forward. Now, bring your right fist into the palm of your left hand. Submit your past to your future. Rather than being halted between two positions, anchor yourself in the future.

Do whatever you need to do to deal with your negative emotions. Jane is more afraid of self than the devil. Our “self” wars against spirit. If we live in denial (deny flesh, negative emotions), the devil has no power…. Only what I give him.

#3  Shift out of fellowship focus to war assignment

There’s been a season in the church where they get tired of the war and go down the street to another church where it’s more comfortable.

We war through praise, through prayer, in celebration, and in the word. God must refresh us. We need intimate time with Him. Don’t miss the new season. There are new alignments for new assignments.

#4  Shift from church mentality into Kingdom thinking

It’s the “I love Jesus, but I don’t like the church.” Attitude. That’s an antichrist spirit. Jesus loved and died for the church. And the church is the vehicle that brings the Kingdom. The anti-church doctrine is pervasive. Watch for the shift mentality. God is preeminent. Hook in to a strong church.

#5 Shift into the marketplace

This is the time for equipping the saints – that they be blessed and edified – for outside the church. Prophecy and healing should be occurring OUTSIDE. God is raising up world changers and nation shifters. Only 2% of the Body is called to pulpit ministry. It’s time to equip the 98%!

Tear down the wall from clergy and people. Actually, the word laity means people are ignorant. God is making a change. Saints will be marketplace ministers.

The kingdoms of this world WILL become the Kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ (Rev 11) HOW? God will anoint, give favor and grace, mega dunimas power on the saints. Let’s turn the world upside down like the Acts church. It just takes a few strategically positioned people to take it.

Mk 6 – Jesus is in the synagogue. There were very few miracles. BUT at the end of Mk 6 – He went into the cities and villages (into the marketplace) and multitudes were healed.

Jane told the story of a physical therapist who began to ask if she could pray for her patients. The first week a blind man received his site. The second week a man in a wheelchair stood up. God promoted her and she now has 3 offices!

#6 There’s a shift in sound

Sound releases victory. Think of Jericho, Gideon, Jehoshaphat and the 4 lepers. Sound brought the victory. Some people get offended if it’s loud. God is not deaf or religious. Be still and know that I am God ACTUALLY was to His enemies. Look it up!

#7 Shift from crisis intervention intercession into Apostolic intercession

Change the defense into offence. We need to move from priestly intercession into kingly intercession. Get the mind and will of heaven and bring it to the earth. THY Kingdom come.  Get His will! The battle is NOT about you. It’s not about me! It’s what the LORD wants.

#8 God is shifting us from scattering and hope deferred into gathering and apostolic order.

Jane’s 2006 Word of the Lord was about reduction. Gideon’s thousands to 300. In a conference, Chuck Pierce leaned over and told her she would have 10 more months of sifting (they’d already dealt with 10 before). Prophetic people understand the times and that helps a lot to get you through. The sifting and scattering is coming to an end. It’s a season of gathering. Pastors have really been hit by this. We’re sifting into an ingathering and a new vision.

#9 Shifting out of a season of weariness into a new energy source.

We will feel it physically. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The peace of God is a spiritual weapon. Rom 16:20 May the God of Peace soon crush satan under your feet.

Peace and joy upon the people. God is taking the stress out of the press and releasing joy and peace. The Shalom of God. Peace, prosperity, favor, to be happy, to be healthy, to be well, to be complete, to be whole, to be friendly, to have friendships with God and with man, an anointing to walk in covenant, a finishing anointing, a restoration anointing, an anointing of rest, an anointing of tranquility, an anointing of contentment, an anointing of the reward of the Lord.

We bind every spirit of confusion that has been binding the minds of people and we release the peace and joy of the Lord and we shift them now into supernatural strength. There’s a fresh mantle of peace and joy, the fullness of His glory.

#10 There’s a generational shift

Judges 8:25 After Gideon won the battle, 2 kings were before the people. Gideon put the sword in his son’s hand. Jeth3r was afraid because he was still a youth. Gideon took the sword and killed them. Note that he took their crescent ornaments off their camels. Gideon had 70 sons, but he didn’t teach them how to war. The one son of a concubine, who’d learned how to fight, rose up and wiped out the entire next generation. Tragedy, because Gideon didn’t teach the next generation.

The next generation much take the mantle of war. The older generation must let them fight their own battles. Don’t take the sword from their hands. Pray for them. Something has to happen for them. They must learn to fight.

Anyone under 30 has the warrior anointing. Stand. We loose your anointing. They’re worshippers, but let them be warriors. Zebah and Zalmunna. Zebah means victim. Zalmunna means abandonment. The new generation deals with these issues. The need this mantle of war to defeat the enemy. They are not victims, but victors.

#11 Shift out of a poverty mentality into a prosperity anointing.

Always have more vision than money. God wants to give big vision to people, but we figure we have to work it out. But, you need to understand PRO-VISION. BEFORE! So, before the vision, God releases the pro-vision to fund the vision. The greatest battle is the battle for wealth.

God had to shift Jane out of a poverty mentality. It came when she was called into the ministry and her father said, “What are you going to do? Be one of those money-grabbing preachers?” She made a vow in her heard that said, “I would rather nothing than ever be in a position to be accused of being in it for the money.” Jane was in covenant with a poverty spirit.

A religious spirit is very sneaky and brings the religious spirit in alignment with the poverty spirit. It will shut down the resources and the flow of the Spirit of God.

#12 We’ve got to shift out of a natural mindset into a supernatural mindset

Impossible = something that cannot be done until somebody does it. Realize that ALL things are possible. Ex. Man ran a 4-min mile, climbing Mt. Everest, etc. She gave the story of the California child who was stuck in a well in the backyard. Dad ran to the store and bought bottles of Crisco oil to dump down the sides and she slid out.

The anointing breaks the yoke. A lot of people are stuck. Business people are stuck. Release finances, family, business, dreams, anointing. Unpop the clutch and shift into this new season.


“We release an anointing. Every spirit of hindrance, every barrier. Speak the kingly anointing of miracles, lose it, release it. Release the strategies. Many people are dealing with the python spirit that’s wrapped around to choke out business endeavors, financial resources, choke out the supply, the supply lines. Take the head of that python spirit of constriction and restriction, the spirit that wants to tie things up, choke things out, choke out life, strength and supply lines. In the name of Jesus, we break the power of python.”

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