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Isaiah 40:31

Soar High on WingsMonday, August 31, 2020

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow  weary. They will walk and not faint.”

Personal note: I could hardly wait to get to this last verse! As an eaglet, it is one of my most favorite verses. This whole chapter has been building to this crescendo of promise. Isaiah 40 begins with comfort, moves to shout and prepare for the Lord, establishes His awesome wisdom and power as Eternal Creator of everything, reminds us that He will judge sin and idolatry, promises He sees everything in us and around us, and then gives us power and strength so we can fly like eagles. All we need to do is TRUST HIM!

  • Oh, Lord! You are so marvelous! You know every bit of us, our personal needs, our relationships, our work — simply everything we need for wholeness and happiness. And all You ask is that we trust You. Indeed I do!
  • I can’t look at the morning dew, admire the sunset, listen to the birds, see the twinkle in my granddaughter’s eye without thinking of You and what You have created for me to enjoy.
  • When I’m weary, discouraged, lacking energy or even drive, You are there to speak to my soul. I can just hear Your voice, “Get up! Get up! WE get to enjoy a brand new day.” That’s the thing about you–it’s NEW. You never change and yet You always have a fresh way to speak to me. Your words strengthen my resolve.
  • Just like the eagle who can look the sun straight in the eye, increase my ability to see Your Son every day in my surroundings and in Your word.
  • The eagle is bold and can climb to unreal heights. I want to be brave and bold too. Just as the mother eagle picks up her falling eaglet on her back, let me soar on Yours. Show me new and exciting revelations about You and Your Kingdom.
  • Teach me caution. Teach me to hunt. Teach me to be a good mate and a good mother. Teach me to find the best perches as a watchman for Your Kingdom.
  • When doubt or unbelief try to slip in, wake me/shake me once again. Like Thomas, help my unbelief and help me to trust!

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Isaiah 40:27

Isaiah DeclarationsThursday, August 27, 2020

“O Jacob, how can you say the Lord does not see your troubles? O Israel, How can you say God ignores your rights?”

Personal note: Remember how Isaiah 40 began (v1)? “Comfort, comfort my people.” And midway through (v9), he says, “Your God is coming!” And just prior (v21) “Are you deaf to the words of God?” I shake my head and I bet Father does too. I can hear Him say, “When will My kids ever get it! I love them so much.”

  • Forgive us, Lord, when we doubt Your words. You are not man that You should lie. You do what You say and You keep Your promises. (Num 23:19)
  • We are so grateful that You watch over us. You see our tears, our challenges, and our disappointments. You test the righteous as well as the wicked. (Ps 11:4) Grant us favor, courage and stamina. We look to the reward of breakthrough You bring as we patiently endure with faith. (James 1:12)
  • Today, we ask Your help for those communities under duress right now in our nation: the fires in California, the destructive winds in Iowa, the wake of Hurricane Laura in Louisiana and the areas surrounding them, our cities inflamed with rioting and destruction. Protect those who rush to protect and save. Provide for those who are willing to help. Give divine wisdom to those who govern and administrate. We ask for miracles, signs and wonders where YOU get the glory.
  • Inspire us who have confidence and faith in You and Your word to share that confidence with others. Help us to lift their spirits and point them to You. Stir compassion in our hearts and Your prophetic voice in our spirits.
  • By faith, we cancel the voice of the liar and accuser and the voice of doubt and unbelief. Even as the world speaks of “cancel culture”, we can fight that battle too. We say, Spirit of God, speak! Let Wisdom and the Voice of Truth and Reason be heard all across our land, across the oceans, and across the nations. May the whole earth be filled with Your glory! Amen!!

Isaiah 40:17

Isaiah DeclarationsMonday, August 17, 2020

“The nations of the world are worth nothing to him. In his eyes they count for less than nothing–mere emptiness and froth.”

Personal note: I had to remind myself that this chapter follows Hezekiah’s revelation of “his” royal treasuries to Babylon’s envoy after the Lord healed him and gave him 15 more years. Woe to any ruler or nation with such pride. This life and all we own will wither and fade, BUT, the treasure we retain is held deep in our hearts and spirits and will one day be laid at His feet. Today we see the nations in an uproar, our large cities are filthy and vile, and the spirit of control is rampant in this pandemic. AND YET! We believe the Kingdom of God and its rule and righteousness is alive and well AND increasing day by day.

  • Only You! Only YOU rule with righteousness and truth. Let the nations tremble before You. You are robed in majesty. Humble us, our government, and nation and from that place of repentance, hear our prayers. (Psalm 99:1, Psalm 93:1)
  • The day is approaching when You will again demonstrate Your power on this earth. All will see Your glory in signs and wonders. Many will turn back to You. Hasten the day, Lord! Release Your Spirit once again. Baptize us again, refresh us, renew us, strength us to stand and speak. (Micah 7:16, Acts 10:45)
  • Release Your revelation to us, show us mysteries in Your Word, give us dreams and visions, and with that the boldness to make decrees in Your name and activate heaven’s armies on our behalf. (Job 22:28, Eph 6:19)
  • We reject any twisting or turning of our foundational laws here in the United States. Tear down those that are against heaven and establish those that model Your wisdom. Give us Justices who proclaim Your justice.
  • We ask for blessing and favor on our nation–not for our sake–but for the sake of Your Gospel. You have called us to be a light to the world. Fight back the darkness that has creeped in and is now overtaking us. Ignite a holy fire in Your Bride. Make us jealous for You to the point that we fight with fervency and take back what’s Yours. Give us no rest until it’s done. (Matt 5:14, Is 62:6)
  • Anoint Your 5-fold ministries to call Your army to battle. Awaken them, anoint them with revelation and understanding, cause their shout to be heard throughout the nations. Give them a platform to mature the saints, awaken the sleeping ones, and bring a salvation message to those who live in the dark. (Eph 4:11)

Isaiah 40:16

Isaiah DeclarationsSunday, August 16, 2020

“All the wood in Lebanon’s forests and all Lebanon’s animals would not be enough to make a burnt offering worthy of our God.”

Personal note: Why Lebanon’s forests and animals? I did a little digging. Lebanon is especially known for its cedar trees. Cedars are famous for their height, their ornamental shape, their fragrance and especially for strength. They are widely used in construction and furniture. In Lebanon the cedar is an important cultural statement of strength. It got me thinking that there really isn’t anything I have in the natural, but everything in my spirit that is a worthy offering for our God.

  • Lord, please accept the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart as praise worthy of You. Cause my heart to sing a new song to you. (Psalm 19:14, Psalm 98:1)
  • Thank You, Jesus, that I can continually offer a sacrifice of praise — even when I am hurt, wounded, or battered by challenges. YOU are my peace in the storm. My eyes are set on You.
  • Your Word admonishes us to do what is right, love mercy, and walk humbly. Forgive us, Lord when we have acted contrary to this. Encourage us to be courageous, to uphold Your truth, and draw out Your goodness in others. (Micah 6:8)
  • Lord! Remove any bit of a King Saul-type nature in me. Give me grace to obey in the little things as well as the great. I acknowledge that to obey You is the greatest gift I can give You. (1 Sam 15:22)
  • Soften my heart, cleanse my thoughts, open my eyes and ears, awaken me to areas that displease Your Holiness. You will not despise a broken and contrite spirit. (Psalm 51)
  • Cause Your people to humble themselves to pray and seek Your face and ask forgiveness for our nation. A true repentant heart You will not deny. Break the back of this Corona Virus. Release Your healing virtue over our land. Cause our leaders to shake up and wake up to Your power and rule. Establish Your Kingdom in our hearts and from that place, ignite us to speak with clarity and power. May Your Kingdom come to our land, our cities, and our homes today that we might be a praise to You. (2 Chr 7:14)

Isaiah 40:15

Isaiah DeclarationsSaturday, August 15, 2010

“No, for all the nations of the world are but a drop in the bucket. They are nothing more than dust on the scales. He picks up the whole earth as though it were a grain of sand.”

Personal note: I read that verse twice and read it again. Remember being a kid, laying on the ground and looking up at the stars on a clear night–especially the nights you could actually see the Milky Way? Have you ever seen the images from the Hubble Telescope or visited the NASA website? Awesomely amazing. Seeing these wonders, who could ever deny that there is a God and He is without equal? Not a hundred or even million brilliant minds could create His glorious design of the universe we live in.

  • All praise and glory and honor to the One Who flung the stars and tells the sun when to rise and set! (Jer 31:35)
  • Great is the Almighty Who gathers people into nations, each with its own spark of divine nature. We lift up Your people, Israel, and Your city, Jerusalem today. Thank You for a favorable agreement with UAE. May Your peace rest upon them. (Luke 13:34, Psalm 122:6) May Your Son, Jesus, be revealed to them. Their Messiah HAS come! Use this as a new door of hope for all those of the Muslim faith.
  • May Your love for all peoples, for their nations, and for the world-at-large be experienced in new and fresh ways. Help them to experience Your love as You are not willing that any should perish. (2 Peter 3:9)
  • Father God, Judge of all the living and the dead, You sit upon Your throne of wisdom. All Your judgments are righteous and true. Reveal to us our part to bring heaven’s rule to our earth. Encourage us and ignite our spirits with fire. Help us to stand tall and strong in Your name. Give us a voice like Yours as Your representatives.
  • We lift up every governmental structure and say, you will bow to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The kingdoms of our world will become the Kingdom of our Lord. (Rev 11:15) It will be better for you if you bow today instead of on that day.
  • With our prayers and by the power of the Precious Blood of Jesus, we enter the battle to establish Your rule upon the earth. Grant us humility to recognize Your authority, an audience as we seek Your face, and time to cleanse ourselves and repent of any unrighteousness so that the cry of our heart for our nation will be heard. (2 Chr 7:14)
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