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Wisdom is Hearing With Your Heart

I like to read the Proverb for the day since there are 31. Sometimes I read it in bed for the day ahead and sometimes on that morning. Today’s was Proverbs 1. The first 7 verses are such an admonition on how to lead a good life by pursuing God and His favor. My margin had a note about Solomon referring to 1 Kings 4:32 “He also spoke 3,000 proverbs and his songs were 1,005.” I smiled to think that David’s anointing passed on to his son… and then some! Read more

Hear My Heartbeat

blanketI was having a particularly tough day this morning. I had a lot of people on my heart for prayer. I had three workmen in my home before 10:00 AM and then was asked to give someone a ride to a meeting. I had exactly 30 minutes before I was to leave. I sat in my “praying/listening” chair in my office and covered myself with a rainbow blanket (representing covenant) that some lady-friends had given me just the day before. I breathed out and then sighed. Read more

He is My Valentine

February is His month of love

February is His month of love.

This morning as I wrote the date in my journal, something hit me as never before. There are 28 days in February (except during leap years). Valentine’s Day, February 28th, is smack-dab, right in the middle of the month! What a cool thought! What if we put our heart into the middle of everything we think, say or do… wouldn’t that be just a little more like our God? Love is at the center of everything concerning Him. Read more

We Are the Hands and Feet of God

hands-1God is Spirit. We can’t touch Him. We can’t see Him. But, we know He is there. We believe it in our hearts — no matter what our minds say.

Did you ever take chicken soup to a sick friend? Maybe you bandaged the neighbor’s boy when he fell on your sidewalk? Perhaps you watched someone’s child while your friend got her hair done? Ever smile at a stranger? You’ve probably spent time comforting a friend in their desperate hour. Read more

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